SMALLVILLE “Ambush” Review

Smallville "Ambush" CW

SMALLVILLE “Ambush” Season 10 Episode 7- Lois’ father, the General, arrives with Lois’ flighty sister Lucy in tow to drive a wedge between Lois and Clark. Meanwhile the senate are in the midst of passing the Vigilante Registration Act which is bad news for the Oliver and Clark.

Lois and Clark’s relationship strengthened this week after waking up on the Kent farm in pure bliss, then enduring the strains of the General’s business. It was an emotional episode that veered away from angsty as Lois had to face her father’s bigotry against superheroes. I loved that she did not overeact when she caughter her sister Lucy and Clark locking lips; instead of throwing the typical soapy melodramatic tantrum, she calmly asserted control of the situation, banishing Lucy and admonishing Clark who, with his superpowers, really could have disengaged himself sooner.

Erica Durance own the emotion of the episode, torn between a father who hates her lover and a lover who cannot stand her father. I liked that Clark was annoyed with Lois when she refused to argue against her father’s bigotry. I like the fact that he refused to allow himself to play the pretty pawn in helping Lois maintain a certain facade around her father.

Of course her father’s bigotry is put to the test when Rick Flag of The Suicide Squad reappears, intent on murdering the General via missile attack in the hopes of stopping the Registration Act. Placing a tracking device on her own father, the intolerably clueless Lucy winds up causing the destruction of Lois’ apartment, which is blown to smithereens by the missile. Having basically kicked her father and sister out of her apartment however, Lois is the only victim of the missile-which Clark outruns just in time to save her. This restores whatever damage the General caused to Lois and Clark’s relationship when he forced her to choose between the two in a showdown which was possibly my favorite moment of the episode, and it lessens the General’s bigotries towards superheroes when he realizes his daughter was saved by the Blur.

Meanwhile, Oliver has to accept Tess as they bond in the Watchtower. It was a necessary development to their relationship, though with the thrilling arc of Lex Luthor last week, I suppose I was just very disappointed with the lack of Lex and Tess.

Overall, I thought it was quite a good episode with some nice character development.

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