SANCTUARY “Trail of Blood” Review

SANCTUARY "Trail of Blood"

SANCTUARY “Trail of Blood” Season 3 Episode 4 – This week on Sanctuary half of the team goes in search of Nikola Tessa who sent out a distress signal while the remaining part of the team investigate the death of an old friend of Big Foot.

The creepiest thing to me is centipedes. Multipedes? Are you kidding me? And ones that are huge and attack? I had anxiety issues throughout the whole episode. The autotype that worked on magnetic waves sent from a distance was very cool and also reminded me a bit of the typerwriter that sends messages between alterate worlds in Fringe. Did anyone else think that?

So what is the draw between Magnus and Nikola? She admits to Will that Nikola always has a hidden agenda and that they could possibly be a trap, but she goes anyway. She admits to finding him intriguing. Is there something more? Does she just hope that there is something redeeming inside of him? One would think maybe there is after he sacrificed himself to blow the nest, but I think he knew he would survive. He also took one of the eggs to help recreate source blood, so he still has hidden agendas. However, if he is only trying to get rid of his magentism, so to speak, does that make him a bad guy? I did love the line “You could be half vampire and half centipede!”

How bad did you feel for Big Foot? He is one of my favorite characters even though I have only seen him a couple of times this season. I just knew that Father Clark at the end was not a priest. What is he? How did he make himself invisible to kill the cop? Why did he want Father Jensen did and will he come for Big Foot next? So many questions.

What did you think of this week’s epiosde of Sanctuary? Should Magnus stop bailing Nikola out? Do you think she succesfully recovered the egg he stole? What about Big Foot? Is he at risk from the new invisible guy? Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments below.

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