CSI: NY “Hide Sight” Review

CSI: NY "Hide Sight" CBS

CSI: NY “Hide Sight” Season 7 Episode 7- A sniper is loose on New York City and Mac and his team have to arrest the sniper before panic strikes the city or more victims are felled.

There were so many ridiculous things about this episode, ranging from the entire case hinging on South American bugs and forearm hair to some weird nosey neighbour to Mac dealing with an old case from his past. Angst was high in this episode: the sniper was the brother of a boy who had been kidnapped and imprisoned for three years, who finally escaped through the floorboards. The brother, a whiny pessimist called Tom, is so jealous of the attention his brother gets that he goes on a shooting rampage with explosive bullets.

Tom really and truly was a waste of space. You know he is because he has an ungroomed haircut, the surest sign of a sadist. Oh, and he’s literally painted his room with images of his internal demons. I know: vomit. He is complaining about feeling abandoned (welcome to adolescence) so instead of joining a computer gaming club or a soccor team he decides to shoot people. He even killed his brother, who had a miserable enough life as it was that getting killed then devoured by bugs seems a tad excessive.

Tom lives in a lovely apartment in New York city. He has enough money and free time to go out and buy himself a sniper, learn to use the sniper, buy exploding bullets and target victims He also lives next door to a pretty (if annoyingly inquisitive) girl. Life could be worse.

Mac feels personally responsible about the case and has a vomit-inducing heart to heart with Jo about why he feels close to the case even though he really did nothing but mull over it for three years.

It was a dull, excrutiatingly cringe worthy episode of CSI: NY, overflowing with melodrama and angst.

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