BLUE BLOODS “Brothers” Review

BLUE BLOODS "Brothers" Review

BLUE BLOODS “Brothers” Season 1 Episode 7 – Maybe it’s because I don’t have siblings but when I first started watching this episode about a man being asked to testify against his brother, I couldn’t understand how someone could support their brother being a criminal. Then as they got deeper into the story and we saw more of their relationship, I could see how this would be a terrible decision. Esteban was guy whose brother helped him to stay out of trouble so that he could teach kids. When Pablo basically decided to go to jail to keep his brother out and helping people, I thought that was great. I still don’t think that erased all the bad stuff he had done but I did see how Esteban could still love his brother.

I like how the brothers theme carried through to the Reagan family, with Danny and Jamie butting heads through pretty much the entire episode. Danny being overprotective and riding Jamie’s ass turned out to be from worry after losing their other brother on the job.

Overall another good episode of this series and as for the Templar plot, things are still moving slowly but at least they’re moving now. I tried to ignore the fact that the iPod should have needed a charge after sitting in a box for that long, and just concentrate on the message that was on it, telling Jamie that his brother was on to something before he was killed. Whether or not his death turns out to be connected, we’ll have to wait and see.

My favorite bits..

Frank telling the Mayor that he serves at his pleasure, but he *works* for the people of New York. Love that.

All of the guys having the discussion about using the “slapper” – interesting to see who was on which side of the argument.

Pablo telling Esteban that maybe he should be more ashamed of what he did, and Esteban less. Wow, great line.

Frank giving Jamie that beautiful Chevy Chevelle SS.

Danny’s partner referring to the suspect’s gun as his “big, shiny penis extension.” – LOL!

Danny texting the gang members to catch them threatening the teacher. Once again you gotta admire those “questionable” methods of his because they sure do get the job done. Though I will admit to being a little surprised when he pulled out the slapper.

Frank asking Jamie not to tell his mom about his smoking, when he speaks to her in his prayers. I thought that was so sweet for some reason.

The looks shared between Erin, Danny and Jamie during Esteben’s testimony about brothers.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? What do you think of the Templar storyline and Danny’s methods of catching bad guys? I’d love to hear from you!

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