THE GOOD GUYS “Silence of the Dan” Review

The Good Guys (FOX) Silence of the Dan

THE GOOD GUYS “Silence of the Dan” Season One Episode 16 – Hodges is Jack’s new partner on a stolen painting case when Dan is sidelined after fainting in the “Silence of the Dan” episode of THE GOOD GUYS.

While I don’t want to see Dan sidelined ever again, it works well in this episode. Seeing Jack as Dan and Hodges as a dumber version of Jack is as odd as Dan seeing Jack with his face all stretchy, but much funnier. “Shut up, Hodges!” is apparently now the show’s motto, and while that’s definitely better than “You just got Hodged,” Hodges really does crack me up, especially with barbecue sauce face, and I love just how Dan-like Jack becomes, right down to the crazy driving and story-telling.

I’m loving Samantha more and more. Between comparing Dan’s blood vessel consistency to an old plastic bag, teaching Dan how to work the computer machine, and the look on her face when Dan threatens to tell Hodges she’s attracted to him, she is full of win and Angela Sarafyan steals her scenes. Plus, Samantha gives Dan a “Slow Ride” ringtone and has one of my favorite lines: “Just don‘t die in here because I‘ll get in so much trouble.”

My least favorite part of the episode is that the Jack and Liz dating reveal should not have happened via throwaway line, and it certainly shouldn’t have involved Liz saying she’s not sure she even wants a relationship with Jacko. Pfft. At least Dan sets her straight. The real relationship of the show definitely blossoms tonight with the exchange of the L word and an awesome hug. “Partner, you know we’re in Texas, right?” Ha! There’s fun with Ana and Dan, too. “We’re all worried sick about you, dumbass!” She even threatens Julius to keep Dan from drinking. Now, that’s love. That salad she gave him does look like the stuff under a lawnmower, though.

My favorite part of the episode is the Silence of the Lambs homage. Starting with the basement doorbell and complete with Jack’s so very Clarice-like movements and harsh breathing, that is just spot-on fun. It’s such a great pay-off after three less than riveting criminals of the week.

Random notes: I can’t imagine a hangover ever being close to bad enough to make me eat a donut dipped in guacamole; I love that the Rorschach test painting gives us references to both Sharktopus and the double rainbow; I call face down in a plate of ribs in the Dan Stark Death Pool; the two Heathers of the 80s making it onto Dan’s bucket list along with Olivia Newton John’s new hip is so very Dan; and how many copies of “Savage and Stark” do you think Dan has stored away to give away to the ladies?

Favorite lines: “How about I shoot you first and everybody wins?;” “Once again, Foghat saved my life;” “It focuses my mind and shakes my Etch-a-Sketch“ “If I take it easy, crime gets off easy…druggers keep drugging;” “A sandwich without meat isn’t a sandwich. It’s just lonely meat.”

While The Good Guys will always be best when Jack and Dan are bustin’ some punks together, “Silence of the Dan” shows just how far Jack has come from the pilot and mixes up the usual interaction in a fun way. I hope Julius and Samantha continue to be integrated into the show (I second Julius’ idea that he be deputized) because they are both wonderfully funny characters.

What was your favorite part of the episode? What would your bet in the death pool be?

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