THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Apology Insufficiency” Review

The Big Bang Theory

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Apology Insufficiency” Season 4 Episode 7- This week Howard is given the chance to work on the new Defense Department laser-equipped surveillance satellite. The only problem? The FBI needs character references for Howard from the guys.

This was a brilliant episode. The stunt casting this week gave us Eliza Dushku as FBI Special Agent Page , but surprisingly no reference was made to Buffy, Dollhouse or Tru Calling. Instead her character acted as a catalyst for the guys – with hilarious results.

Although a few episodes this season have made me laugh, this one was without doubt the best. Leonard hitting on Page, Sheldon trying to drink whiskey and Raj proving his patriotism had me almost in tears. Howard was the straight man this week and his dismissal of Sheldon’s apology was genuinely upsetting. Sheldon offering up his ‘spot’ was surprisingly touching, even if it didn’t last long.

We also saw the welcome return of Kaley Cuoco. Rather than write in Cuoco’s broken leg, Penny was first placed behind a bar and then sat in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. It’ll be fun to see how they avoid her having to walk around in the next few episodes. There’s a Gunther-like (‘Friends‘) quality to it. Roll on next week!

Howard’s Mom-watch: Alas, nothing this week.

Quote of the episode: Penny – “Now where were we?”
Sheldon – “I believe you were about to ask me to choose a cocktail. Fortunately, thanks to computer savvy alcoholics, there’s an app for that.”

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