SUPERNATURAL “Family Matters” Review

Supernatural "Family Matters" Review

SUPERNATURAL “Family Matters” Season 6 Episode 7 – A bunch of us had a discussion up here last week about whether or not the fact that they revealed Sam was missing a soul in the preview would ruin the show. After watching it my vote is for “no”. Scratch that, make it “hell no”. This episode went so far beyond the fact that Sam has no soul by answering the question of who has it as well as why Samuel has been hunting alphas. It took seven episodes but I think we’re now well ensconced into a whole new story arc and we’ve even got a whole new bad guy to go along with it – all hail Crowley.

But like Cas said in the beginning of the episode, this Sam-has-no-soul thing does bring up an interesting philosophical question. Can Sam be Sam without his soul? Well if you were to ask me here in the real world, I’d say no. But we’re talking about the world of Supernatural and their rules are different so it’s apparent that he can be Sam, just a different kind of Sam. One thing I do have to say is that his missing soul does explain one thing for me. It actually makes sense now why he would leave Dean alone for a year, because otherwise I can’t imagine Sam would have chosen to live a life without his brother. Even if it was Samuel’s idea, Sam wouldn’t have gone along with it if he wasn’t without feelings.

Overall I really liked this episode and I’ve been trying to put my finger on why I’m enjoying this season so much. At first I thought that it was simply because there’s been a lot of Dean angst and I’m basically a Deangirl so I eat that stuff up with a spoon. But it’s more than that. With all the extra drama the show feels more like (dare I say it?) fanfiction. Now I hope none of the staff takes offense at that because I have read some great Supernatural fanfiction. What I mean by that is that most writers (yes, me included) tend to include a LOT of heartbreak for the boys in their work. If you thought they were tortured emotionally a lot on the show, well wait till you’ve read some of the stories I have online.

Now does that mean I think the writers have been reading fanfiction and using the ideas on the show? No, not even close. I’m just saying that the reason I love reading Supernatural fanfiction is because of the extra drama usually in it so now that the show has extra drama, I’m loving that too.

My favorite bits…

Cas asking Sam if he was speaking in tongues. Something about the way he asked it cracked me up for some reason.

The look on Sam’s face when Cas took off his belt.

Cas sticking his hand INSIDE Sam? Holy mother of crap!

Sam telling Dean that he was stuck with the “soulless guy”.

Dean referring to Cas as their “wingman”. Hahaha!

Finding out that Cas’ true form is roughly the size of the Chrysler Building.

Dean calling Cas’ soul-searching technique an “angel cavity search”. Okay now that just makes it sound even worse than it looked.

Cas telling Dean that his problems always come first. Wait. WHAT??

Robo-Sam! That’s so awesome. I love it!

Cheering Dean on when he slammed Christian up against the wall for calling Lisa a slut. Little punk, get him Dean!

Sam telling Dean that they didn’t tell him about the interrogations because he would mess them up. Okay I know he’s got no soul but damn that was cold.

Dean suggesting that the alphas go to LegoLand when they die.

Now we’ve had two monsters who have recognized the fact that Sam has no soul – anyone else wondering if maybe this “handicap” of his might actually turn out to be helpful at some point?

Thinking that the vamp’s speech about having big plans for Sam was very reminiscent of Yellow Eyes.

Crowley saying that he knew Samuel, but not in the Biblical sense. LOL!

Dean asking Samuel if Crowley offered him hair. LOL!

Sam pulling a gun on his grandfather. Whoa. Anyone else wonder if he would’ve done that if he wasn’t missing his soul?

Sam asking Dean if he was with him.

Being confused after the preview for next week when Misha’s voice came on and invited me to watch a new episode of Supernatural.. next? Oops! Looks like my local CW station had a computerized brain fart. LOL.

Okay so what did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? What do you think of the new storyline with the alphas and Crowley and purgatory? How does it compare to the previous story arcs?

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