PRIVATE PRACTICE “Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?” Review

Private Practice (ABC) Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?

PRIVATE PRACTICE “Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?” Season 4 Episode 7 – I was a little nervous when I heard this show was taking on a subject as loaded as rape, especially having it happen to a main character. I was afraid it would just be played up for theatrical, soap-opera drama and not for realism. Well I was wrong and seeing how hard they worked to portray it so realistically, I feel a certain responsibility in reviewing it right.

The fact that they never showed us the actual attack, except in flashes at the very end, I found very powerful. I know that they wanted to show not only how something like this affects the victim, but also everyone around them. I think not letting us see what happened was a great way to do that as no one usually sees an attack except for the people involved.

We knew Charlotte was strong, but I actually think her opting to not admit to the rape to anyone but Addison was probably the weakest thing she did. If anything, I think it proved how much the attack got to her. The real Charlotte, the one we know, wouldn’t let a man get away with that. So as much as I understand her not wanting to let anyone know and how embarrassed, mortified and freaked out she was, demanding no rape kit was wrong as it’s possibly going to let him get out to do this to someone else. I’m wondering how long it will take for her to realize that.

As for the attacker, something I didn’t expect was for them to show him as someone with troubles of his own. I can’t say that I felt sympathy for him but I just figured he’d be a guy that the cops would track down and maybe shoot, not that they’d make us understand what made him go so far off the reservation to commit rape. Nicholas Brendon did an amazing job going from a man you hope Sheldon can help (especially for those who weren’t spoiled and already knew he was the attacker), to someone who is frightening in his glee at “giving it to her”.

Overall I think they did a fantastic job with this episode and I think it’s probably one of their best ever. So I’m not going to be listing my “favorite bits” this time, but instead mention a few that made me tear up.

Coop stumbling over the chair in his haste to get out of the bar when he got the news.

Addison reaching out to take hold of Charlotte’s hand before she started her exam.

Coop punching the wall.

Charlotte touching Coop’s hair as she reassured him that she was okay.

Amelia and Charlotte reciting the “Serenity Prayer” to each other.

Each of Charlotte’s screams as she endured getting stitches without painkillers.

Charlotte describing how a rape is nothing like what you see in the tv movies.

Charlotte’s barriers breaking down momentarily when she admitted to Pete where she actually hurt.

Addison losing it when Sam suggested he wanted to go home.

Charlotte throwing her water at Coop when he used the word “victim” to describe her.

Violet closing the door when Coop lost it in Charlotte’s office.

Charlotte breaking down and begging Coop to take her home.

The final images of the attack going through Charlotte’s mind as she walked out of the hospital.

Alright so what did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Do you think Charlotte will ever tell the truth on her own? Do you think that Addison can keep her secret forever before she breaks?

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