POLL: Abed or Barney – Who Do You Like?

Abed or Barney

I am a fan of both How I Met Your Mother (CBS) and Community(NBC), I particulary like the respective shows iconic characters: Barney (HIMYM) and Abed (Community). Recently, I have been thinking about a very profound existential question. Who do I Like the Most?

Thinking about choosing a favorite among these two comic geniuses is difficult if not entirely impossible. It’s a like a much less tragic version of Sophie’s choice, I tell you.

Well, “Truth Gun” to my head*, if I had to choose, I have to say that Abed wins. The man is just too good. His batman impersonation will remain one of the funniest TV moments in the last decade.

What about you? If you are a fan of both characters and had to choose your favorite, who would it be? Abed or Barney? Select your choice in the poll below and explain your choice in the comment section:

* See the latest Cougar Town review for more on Truth Guns.