UNDERCOVERS “Assassin” Review


UNDERCOVERS “Assassin” Season 1 Episode 7- In Peru a hit man is going to kill the president elect Loya. Loya is a good man (of course) and intends to get rid of corruption in the oil industry. The current controllers of Peru’s oil are none too happy about Loya’s intentions, hence the hit man. The Blooms are called out of their catering business to intercept the assassination and find out who is behind it.

Some shows get frustrating because the overarching storyline, AKA plot, gets too long, too contrived, has too many holes, too many predictable twists. Undercovers does not have this problem: indeed, the writers have decided to avoid story arcs like the plague. This tactic has not gone down too well. The standalone episodes are not compelling enough to warrant such freedom. The Blooms are not blooming.

At episode seven, with master plotter JJ Abrams at the helm, you would have expected them to be well into a conspiracy, a story…anything. Instead of a storyline we get David Anders, teasing us by reminding us where we’ve seen him: on better shows like The Vampire Diaries and Alias. They did not even allow Anders to be particularly bad. He posed as a journalist and tied Sam to a chair: so what? He gloated a bit: yawn. Then he was shot and I’ll return to thinking of him as the delightful Sark.

Sam finds herself bonding with Loya, who reminds her of her CIA inductor, her old college professor. This entire plotline was a big clumsy mess without an emotional payoff: Sam’s college professor died in a car crash. No, wait, he was killed by a car bomb. Did Sam find a clue about the identity of her beloved professor’s killer? No, she found Loya, who thanked her for saving his life by vomiting cheese onto her face.

The episode was not bad and I really enjoyed the switcheroo by Leo. In fact, every scene with Leo was enjoyable, his hammy confidence the most appealing thing about this otherwise flat show. I had high hopes for his show, but every week I find myself turning off Undercovers, indifferent to what I just watched, and Youtube-ing Alias clips just to remind myself what an awesome spy show should be.

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