AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Margherita Missoni” Review

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Margherita Missoni” Cycle 15 Episode 9- Is there any television show as consistently entertaining as Top Model? I mean seriously, week in week out the quality of this show is Emmy worthy. If I was in charge of the Emmys, I would so make Tyra the presenter. For too long she has been snubbed. I mean, just look at her whole Venice monologue, look at the masterful way she pumped her feet!

This week the girls are heading to Venice. Jane is so excited because she loves European history. Kill joy! Chelsea is twenty three, so she’s practically popping out the wrinkle cream. They arrive at their beautiful apartment in Venicee. Kayla’s reaction is the best: “I could definitely get used to living a fabulous life. I’m gay, that’s what we’re used to.” Liz’s welcoming to the house is having a bird poop down her arm.

The period piece photo shoot with a Casanova finds Liz the complaining champion, and Kayla outshines both her competitors whilst Chris tries to catch up. Chelsea is going all out, Jane tries to make the most of her difficult position and Ann is unable to give the emotion needed. Chelsea is so condescending; it’s brilliant.

After Venice the girls head off to Milan (no, Liz, Mulan is not a place. You are not leaving Italy).

At the Missoni headquarters the models don fall wear. Margherita Missoni, who could also voice a villain on a Saturday morning cartoon show, judges their walk off.

The six remaining models are judged. Jane, Ann and Chelsea are judged first. Before Chelsea passes out, they are sent to sit down. MIssoni doesn’t like Chelsea who is praised by all of the other judges. Ann and Jane are given half and half praise. For the other group, Kayla steals the thunder from Liz and Chris, who are both considered a tad hoochie.

I’ve rarely noticed how the guest judges perform but Missoni proves to be one of the worst guest judges ever.

Anyhow, Liz and Chris are predictably in the bottom two and Liz is sent home, to complain once more.

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