SONS OF ANARCHY “Turas” Review

Sons of Anarchy

SONS OF ANARCHY “Turas” Season 3 Episode 9 – Let’s get this out of the way first: there is no movement on the Abel plot. At this point we should just suck it up and deal with it. That kid ain’t coming home anytime soon. I’m still completely apathetic about that.

The Jimmy O plot was furthered somewhat, but not enough to make this Ireland visit seem worthwhile. These two episodes have felt like filler to me, doing things that could have been done anywhere, with any characters. The only tangible things to come out of the change of location are blown up Irishmen, a lost chance at offing Jimmy O and potential incest.

The bombing was a great tense moment, and it emphasized just how corrupt SAMBEL are. I liked the scene immediately afterward with everyone gathering their wits, though it felt a little ‘off’, not quite fitting with the usual visual style of the show. However, it did give us a chance to see John Teller, albeit briefly, putting a moving image to the legend.

John Teller is getting a lot of play here in Ireland. The affair/daughter plot point is interesting because it makes the legend more human, but at the same time I kind of liked the idea of John being this totally stand up guy. Of course he was flawed, who isn’t, but being able to gloss over that made him seem like an impossible figure for Jax to aspire to be like.

And Jax is starting to show hints of wanting to follow his father’s initial plan for the Sons, telling Gemma that they brought their current situation on themselves by running guns. He makes a good point – and Gemma knows it. Gemma knows a lot of things. I wish she would impart some of those things to Jax before he gets too close to Trinity. I can’t decide whether that last scene with the pair was innocent or not.

Gemma had an eventful episode herself this week, gaining – and losing – the opportunity to kill Jimmy O. While this is good for Jax and Stahl’s deal, and maybe even saved SAMCROs life, it just served a reminder to me that we have more of this Irish plot to come. I cannot wait for it to end.

I’m much preferring the events back in Charming. Tig and Kozik are still bickering like an old married couple. (The “You know one of us is going to end up dead, right?” “I’m counting on it.” exchange between Kozik and Piney made me smile.) Miles is pretty much confirmed as the favourite prospect choice, thanks to more screen time, lines and the camera angles used.

But this doesn’t mean I found Charming all that interesting, oh no. Unser spends the whole episode following up on something the Sons told him, the Sons go after Salazar and find his house empty. Salazar blackmails Hale. It’s all necessary stuff, but it just felt stodgy.

I think the main problem with Sons of Anarchy right now is that there are too many characters. Between SAMCRO, SAMBEL, Jimmy’s guys, Ashby’s lot, and our Charming residents back home, there are just too many names and faces. My rule of thumb is that once the viewer has to start Googling to find out/help remember a character’s name, something isn’t working. I didn’t give a damn when Jimmy O shot that guy in the head today because I had no idea who he was or if we had even seen him before. It’s just too much.

My favourite scene of the episode is the very last one (which was also the shortest). When Tara tells Murphy about her scheduled abortion, Murphy offers to drive her. This leads to Salazar and his girlfriend causing a small car accident on the way to the clinic to get Tara and Murphy out of the car. Salazar already knows he wants Tara, but he decides to check if Murphy is affliated with any club. Over the past few weeks I’ve been saying that while Gemma is who Tara will become if she stays with the Sons, Murphy is who she will become if she leaves. I never expected it to be quite so literal. Murphy has what seems to be club ink, but which club and whose old lady was she?

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  • CCR

    I really liked the ep! But I know what you mean about Abel, wish they’d just get him already, but it looks like they’re gonna save that for the final ep…hopefully! lol. And I didn’t know who that guy they shot was either, but I still thought it made for a tense scene. I wanted Gemma to shoot Jimmy, but at the same time I knew it would be bad for everybody. And I do like that they’re in Ireland, foreign land where they don’t know who’s trustworthy, and all the constant trouble over there, more than usual! haha. It gives the show an even more no-holds-barred type of feeling to me, even though no important characters have been seriously hurt..yet! I thought sure Tara was gonna get it at the end! And they really shoulda killed off someone from SAMCRO California in the bomb. Not because I want anyone killed off, but it would’ve been more realistic and tragic. I’m sure there’ll be a major casualty or two by season’s end. And I really can’t wait for the traitorous Irish SAMCRO guys to get theirs!!

    • While I agree with you, the only really expendable SAMCRO guys in Ireland right now are Juice and Happy, I think. I can’t bear the thought of yet another favourite character dying – I’m still bitter about Sack and Hale! 😉

      We still don’t know what’s going to happen to Tara, so don’t breath a sigh of relief just yet!

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Cindy

    I think Jax and Trinity are like brother and sister. If they were in Charming they would have been all over each other but instead they just sat there like friends. They have a connection that’s not sexual. The shocker of the show was the administrator Murphy with the tat.

    • I sincerely hope that’s all it is. That kind of soapy drama just wouldn’t work on SOA.

      Murphy is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters on this show. I hope that we see a lot more of her over the episodes, maybe even seasons, to come.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Joshua

    Yeah, what was up with Murphy being an old lady of some club? Does anyone know if that was a SOA tat, or something else? It appeared on screen so fast I couldn’t make out what it said.
    Also, who was that tall, younger member of SAMBEL that Chibs referred to as “my boy”? I’ve missed a few episodes, so it’s unclear if the guy (who was killed in the truck bomb) was Chibs’ son or relative.

    • There was a skull and the words ‘rock and roll’ and ‘my love’. Not sure if it’s an SOA tatt, but it’s possible. If it IS, it’ll be interesting to learn why Gemma or Clay haven’t brought her association up before.

      I think, if I recall correctly, that the guy was his nephew. It’s mentioned last episode when they reunite for the first time in years.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Sukienyc

    I think that people forget that this season is taking place over the course of a very short time period, maybe a week or two at the most and Kurt is brilliant at building a story that is the equivalent of reading a great novel. Right now, we are watching/reading the backstory of the MC and this is where the secrets surrounding John Teller are being held literally as opposed to in the souls of Gemma and Clay who would prefer nothing gets revealed. They are the proverbial fish out of water in Belfast where the old “troubles” of that country kind of reflect the “troubles” in Charming that SOA try to keep contained. I will give you that there are too many characters perhaps but I think every character has a purpose to a degree. As to Jax and Trinity(which is an interesting name isn’t it given the triangles that are so evident in this show) while it seemed Trinity was interested in Jax initially, this last scene which was a great scene, really seemed to be brotherly/sisterly, two children of parents whose life choices have impacted theirs so immensely.