LIP SERVICE Episode 4 Review


Lip Service Season 1 Episode 4 – As this six part series stumbles into its fourth week I think it’s safe to say this is what is referred to as a filler episode. Lip Service has been labeled many things, shocking, ground-breaking, controversial, this week I thought it swung from tedious to ridiculous and back again.

We kick off with Tess moving out of Kat’s spacious loft apartment to move in with Frankie whose new squeeze has sorted them out somewhere to rent. That somewhere appears to be Heathrow’s Terminal 5, a colossal flat as glamorous as it is unrealistic.

One of the least believable things in Lip Service (apart from the price range of real estate freelance photographers and out of work actresses seem to be able to stretch to) is the tortured connection that apparently exists between Kat and Frankie.

Once every episode they whimsically reminisce about the time, many years ago, they did this that or the other, fall about laughing then suddenly snap out of it and remember the distance now between them. I just don’t buy into the idea they ever had anything in common let alone shared a star crossed love.

There must be a serious lack of public transport in Glasgow as Frankie goes on another of her many walks this time to visit her Uncle…Dad…errm, who is he again? This family tree mystery intended to be a teaser is quickly becoming tedious.

Feeling rejected and unable to contact Kat, Frankie goes on a massive session with Sadie at the flat of her previous one night stand. In between getting wasted on coke and pills they completely trash the place and while most people play with a rubber duck in the bath Sadie opts for a razor. This week’s attempt at controversy just had me thinking “she’ll regret not using shaving foam”.

Rumbled by the Police and rescued by Detective Sergeant Murray, who can’t be going for promotion any time soon letting off all these criminals, Frankie heads back to the flat/mansion for a night cap with the gang.
Those final two swigs of tequila must have pushed her over the edge as when left alone with Jay Frankie forgets she’s a lesbian and has sex with him…Jay…a man. It’s yet another implausible twist in an episode which seems to have lost its way.

There are some positives, unlucky in love Tess is easily the most entertaining and endearing character and the developing relationship between Sam and Kat is sweet and sincere. I just hope next week includes more of them.

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