CASTLE “Almost Famous” Review

CASTLE "Almost Famous" Review

CASTLE “Almost Famous” Season 3 Episode 7 – One of the things I love about this show is that I can almost never figure out who the killer is. The story always starts out in one place and ends up someplace completely different by the end. For instance in this one they start out investigating strippers, which makes you think of scantily clad women dancing around, right? In this case though, the stripper was a man so we got some great stuff with Castle and Beckett visiting a male strip club, as well as Ryan and Esposito dealing with some jealousy issues after Ryan is offered a job stripping and Esposito is not.

What starts out as a likely crime of passion really ends up being just about money, and it was the lawyer of stripper’s ex girlfriend who did it. I honestly didn’t even consider that guy until about a minute before they announced it was him. Usually I’m suspicious of anyone and everyone but he wasn’t even on my radar.

I also liked the little side story about Alexis trying out for the school play and Martha getting really into the idea and helping her to prepare, etc. The fact that she didn’t get the role and was happy about it was so perfectly spot-on with her character, too.

My favorite bits…

Castle and Alexis yawning in unison.

LOVING Castle’s reference to Doogie Howser

Castle blocking his eyes when they started stripping off the victim’s clothes.

Beckett pointing out how silly it was for Castle to call shotgun, since he was the only one there.

The girls waking up and asking Castle to strip.

Ryan and Esposito trying to get a statement from a girl who only puked in response to their questions. Ewwww!

Ryan’s obvious discomfort after downloading all the pics from the party.

Castle patting Esposito on the shoulder when he got upset at the girls treating the stripper like a “piece of meat”. LOL.

The suspect being called “Officer McNaughty”.

This bit:
Castle: “He’s not that handsome. You want my opinion? Three hundred bucks an hour – a little steep.”
Lanie: “As the person in this room who’s seen everything under the sheet – bargain.”

Ryan getting offered a gig because women were requesting “that skinny Twilight dude like crazy”. I especially enjoyed the image I got in my head after the guy tossed him the red thong. Eek.

Finding out that Ryan and Esposito got out of visiting the male strip club by calling “not it”. LOL.

Beckett offering to give Castle singles if he needed them.

Castle catching the chaps.

Castle shooting all the strippers with a fire extinguisher to get them off of Beckett.

“Hans” dropping his accent the moment he got accused of murder.

This line from Castle: “His alibi’s as hard as his abs.” Anyone else think for just one second he was going to say something else? I swear this ep is giving me a dirty mind.

Castle’s “Aaaandd… ew.” when his mom told him how much fun she had in those tight black pants.

Beckett asking for a brochure on the condo because, you know, hers blew up.

Castle’s “Shut the front door!”

Castle asking the lawyer if he wanted a lawyer or if he just wanted to hire an actor to play one for him.

Alexis admitting to her dad that she didn’t really want the part, but was happy to get the stage manager position. Yep, that’s so much more her style.

The final scene of Alexis and Castle cooking together. So cute.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Yes this was indeed a classic Castle episode filled with awesome lines and moments. Definitely one of my favorite shows out there.

  • CC

    Another great episode. Season 3 has been outstanding! Castle is my favorite.

  • that whole scene in Chippendale’s was hilarious…perfect use of Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” too, I cracked up at the end when Castle used the extinguisher on all the strippers. FYI that scene can be watched at