WEEDS “Viking Pride” Advance Review


WEEDS “Viking Pride” Season 6 Episode 11 – Still in Dearborn, Nancy and Silas both do some investigating and Andy gets in over his head in the “Viking Pride” episode of WEEDS. I had a chancve to preview the episode, and while the pacing is a bit slow, I’m happy to say it’s a good one with some interesting developments.

Hopefully we’ll be able to stay in Dearborn for the rest of the season because I like the backstory we’re getting on Nancy whenever she runs into someone from her past. I loved last week’s reveal that “Ellis Tate” (Lost alum Eric Lange is terrifically dry here) has been looking for Nancy and am thrilled to see that the story continues here in an unexpected (to me, at least) way. We aren’t left wondering who he is for very long, but the real mystery is what and how much effect he will have on the Botwins. Nancy is simultaneously more and less clever than I expected, and she makes a decision that could either be savvy or incredibly stupid.

Silas is more than a little shaken by meeting Lars in “Dearborn-Again.” We’ve been getting hints about how different Silas is from his mom and Shane all season, and now we’ve met Nancy’s old boyfriend, who looks and acts very much like Silas. Is it coincidence or not? Silas certainly wants to know because the possibility that Lars could be his father gives him something concrete to focus on in his ongoing search for meaning. His tangled hope and fear is more than a little heartbreaking and I really like how this story is progressing.

Poor Andy. What should have been a routine task for him mushrooms in bizarre fashion, and as he says, “I’m always getting creative while you’re getting–” We’ve been hammered all season with how much Andy does for Nancy and the family with little gratitude and I’m beginning to worry about where this might be leading. Any thoughts on that?

Richard Dreyfuss is having way too much fun as the increasingly unhinged Warren. He and Shane spend some quality time together and give the episode much-needed comic relief. Doug is all but absent, though the show seems to be leading him somewhere interesting.

“Viking Pride” is rather leisurely-paced for so late in the season, but it advances plotlines and gives Nancy more (less?) depth and I’m happy to have so much of the off-center Weeds humor I`ve been missing during the road trip this season.

After you watch “Viking Pride” tonight on Showtime at 10pm, I hope you’ll come back and post what you thought. What do you think of Richard Dreyfuss as Warren? Entertaining, superfluous, or both?

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