GOSSIP GIRL “War at the Roses” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “War at the Roses” Season 4 Episode 7 – What did you think of tonight’s episode? I loved that ending…but we’ll talk about that later. First let’s chat about the characters:

Serena: Serena! Why would you trust Juliet? Did that make anyone else angry? So it looks like Colin is Juliet’s cousin and he has no idea of the plot that Juliet and Ben are scheming against Serena. It actually seems like the bad one is Ben – although maybe it’s Serena as we don’t know what she did to make him hate her so much. Juliet just seems stupid in my opinion. If that video gets out it will destroy Serena, but it will also destroy the career of her cousin. Lame!

Blair: Blair is only 20? I guess I knew that as they are only in college, but they always act so much older that it freaked me out to see her at her 20th birthday. I loved that Eleanor was in town, she’s always there to give Blair some great advice. I was upset that Dan derailed the night. If it wasn’t for him Blair and Nate wouldn’t have gotten distracted and they would have told Serena they saw Juliet with Colin.

Chuck: The treaty scene was perfect – can you imagine what those two would be like in an actual divorce? I’m so glad him and Blair finally got scandalous on the piano at the end of the episode. Those two are much better together than apart. I can’t wait for next week – I love the whole ‘enemies with benefits’ angle. What about you? Do you like Chuck and Blair together or apart?

Nate: I’m relying on Nate next week. He knows not to trust Juliet, and he’s seen Juliet with Colin so hopefuly he can get his butt over to Serena’s to warn her. The thing is, will Serena believe him? My prediction is that Nate will try to warn Serena but she will accuse Nate of being jealous.

Dan and Eric:Once again Eric proved to be the only decent one out of them all. Dan summed himself up the best when he said, “It was Blair’s 20th birthday party and I’m still acting like an 8th grader”. Wasn’t he correcting his sister from behaving the exact same way last week? Dan has had a weird season, first with Georgina and then with all the drama with his sister. I hope he goes back to being a dork soon.

So overall, I loved tonight’s episode. I was so happy to see Chuck and Blair get back together (even if just for a night) and am looking forward to next week. How to ya’ll feel about Serena? Part of me wants her to take down Juliet but the other part of me feels like she’s being so dumb by going after a professor. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, “War at the Roses”!

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