DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Excited and Scared” Review

Desperate Housewives "Excited and Scared" ABC

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Excited and Scared” Season 7 Episode 6- Susan is forced to reveal her secret to Mike, Lynette brings her suspicions about Tom’s mother’s senility to her husband, Juanita is jealous Gabby’s attentions to Grace, Beth and Paul are having difficulties with their sex life and Renee throws a missive Halloween party.

When Juanita finds her mother’s necklace in Grace’s room, she steals it back for Gabby. As usual, Gabby’s storyline, aided by Juanita, was one of the strongest. Grace may be Gabby’s biological daughter, but Juanita has her devious mind as she sets about chopping Grace’s hair. Gabby’s dilemma is definitely going to lead to some major problems in the future. I just wonder how Juanita will cope if (but probably when) she finds out that she is not Gabby’s biological daughter.

Keith’s ‘dark side’ is revealed to Bree after she finds out he was in prison for assaulting a man who hit on his ex-girlfriend. I think she was less horrified about that and more horrified that Keith’s roommate was (gasp) a girl, who she promptly interrogated to see if there was any competition. Seeing Brian Austin Green romantically cuddling on Desperate Housewives is so not how I remember him from The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The Scavo story was very emotional as Tom realizes his mother is senile and is forced to send her to a nursing home. The moment was extremely poignant, Tom standing in the Solis’ garden, watching his mother and his wife fighting, realizing that he could no longer take care of her.

It seems the only way to seduce a woman is having another threaten to club you to death. Susan certainly helped Paul’s sex life, but it was more Beth’s mother, whoever she may be, that prodded her daughter into making the commitment. The addition of both Beth and Renee are turning out to be far better than the ‘mysterious neighbours’ shtick that has felt so contrived in the past.

It was an all together solid episode of Desperate Housewives. Every storyline was well paced and plotted and the Halloween background leant the episode some cool costumes and scenery.

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