SINGLE FATHER Episode 4 Review


SINGLE FATHER Episode 4 – The fourth episode of SINGLE FATHER had a lot of loose ends to tie up.

The results of the paternity test, is Dave the father of the kiddies he has been (badly) raising? – I worried partly because none of them bear any resemblance to him or each other for that matter. The inquiry, how much compensation will the Glaswegian Police have to pay out for splattering Rita? And of course, will it be happily ever after for Dave and Sarah?

Well the answer is yes, loads and yes…Oh you want more ok, well it’s not that I disliked the final installment of Single Father, it did wrap everything up into a dysfunctional little package, it’s just I didn’t find too much to really like about it either.

It seems to me Sarah and Dave are a perfect match really both completely unconcerned about anyone else’s feelings but their own and quite willing to bulldozer along just so long as they can keep getting their leg over – I’m sorry, they’re in love…obviously.

Sarah discards Matt like an old teabag, his offers of a perfect church wedding and a baby are met with a cold-heartedness and detachment that had me cheering him calling her a “bitch”- just before she slams the door in his face.

After frocking around in his boxers for two episodes David Tennant gets to flex his thespian muscles this week as he opens the paternity test envelope which confirms he is Paul, Ewan and Evie’s Dad – he never doubted it, parental intuition and all that.

Tennant’s most touching moments come at times when he doesn’t speak, his reaction to the “substantial” settlement at the inquest is moving, the blankness in his eyes as he reminisces about Rita is genuinely affecting.

Dave then turns career’s advisor dictating to Tanya that she doesn’t want to be a photographer, despite single handily running his business for the past few weeks, because she doesn’t carry a camera with her at all times, magically producing one from his coat – what Kodak moments he thought would crop up at his dead wife’s inquest is beyond me.

One daughter’s dreams dashed – check – now onto Lucy who has decided she wants to go to live in Italy with her real dad. I don’t blame her, what she has to do to be shown a bit of affection remains to be seen.
Matt, taking to single life like a horny duck to water, sleeps with Tanya in the least used photographic studio in the world – bullets have left guns slower. Leading a scorned Tanya to confront Sarah, blurting out the secret of her affair with Dave in front of the children.

All of this leading to an admission by Dave that he “is a shit father”, no arguments from us there Dave!
It’s not that these run of events are unbelievable it’s just it seems a bit contrived, the final part of the episode seems rushed and laboured.

Lucy decides to stay, Anna’s assertion that Dave cannot be with Sarah for fear of upsetting the children particularly Lucy seems ridiculous as at that very moment she sits crying alone in her room. Apparently the thought of having to hang your bath towel up is too terrifying a prospect and she prefers life with the man she’s always called “Dad”.

Finally, on hearing Sarah is to leave, Dave drags his kids out of school catching up with her just in time. They have a heart to heart, something about making it work and Sarah reveals she intentionally got pregnant (hhmmm that’s completely healthy and not mental in the slightest). The series ends with David proclaiming “Rita would be smiling down on us saying make it work”, would she, really!?

And so Sarah the kids and Dave, the most fertile man in Scotland, end as one big (very big) happy family. I could almost sense David Tennant and Suranne Jones’ embarrassment at having to deliver such corny dialogue and it was a rather awkward ending to a series that promised much. Not even Tennant’s considerable talent was enough to rescue Single Father as it limped over the finish line towards a rather apathetic conclusion.