DEXTER “Everything Is Illumenated” Advance Review

DEXTER "Everything Is Illumenated"

DEXTER “Everything Is Illumenated” Season 5 Episode 6 Advance Review- With Lumen out of town and the Irish nanny back caring for Harrison, Dexter decides to get back to his “normal” by picking a new target and developing a plan for a night of killing. Of course, since Lumen did not leave town, she is still around and developing her own plan.

I had the opportunity to view tonight’s epsiode of Dexter in advance and I think it was one of the better episodes this season. It is the first time that Dexter has ever come so close to being caught, not only as a serial killer, but actually in the act and by someone that knows him. What would make a practiced and controlled killer get caught? An enraged and bumbling amateur sidekick that Dexter never asked for, Lumen. It doesn’t take long for Lumen to make her presence in Miami known and Dexter has to choose, probably once and for all, whether he is going to help her or abandon her. We know what Harry’s code says to do, but will Dexter go back to following the code that he seems to have abandoned recently? Or will Dexter help avenge a broken and shattered girl?

The episode also deals with the muder investigation involving the Fuentes brothers, the ongoing marriage problems of Maria and Batista, and Quinn’s continue quest to target Dexter as a killer. Were any of those plots as fun as the Dexter plots? No. The show is best when Dexter is involved, however, the intertwining of some of those subplots and Dexter’s issues made for good viewing as well. Dexter is still concerned about Harrison’s development in light of witnessing his mother’s murder. Remember last episode when Dexter was convinced Harrison was going to grow up to be a killer because he scratched some cheeks like babies typcially do? Well, this week does nothing to assure Dexter that Harrison is normal after he utters his first words. If you are always looking for signs, won’t you find some?

This season seems to be picking up speed. I like the addition of Lumen who is so troubled and such a mess that even if Dexter were to help her, we know it would not end well. Nothing that explosive can be contained. How will Lumen ever get back to normal? Will Dexter ever get back to his normal? Will this be the season he gets caught, again?

Check out tonight’s episode of Dexter “Everything Is Illumenated” at 9:00 p.m. on Showtime and come back here and tell me what you thought in the comments below. I would love to hear what direction you think this season of Dexter will take.

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