SANCTUARY “Bank Job” Review


SANCTUARY “Bank Job” Season 3 Episode 3 – This week’s episode of Sanctuary finds the team traveling to a small town bank to recover an abnormal egg locked in a safe deposit box. Unfortunately, by the time they get there, the egg has hatched and the abnormal has found a human host forcing the team to quarantine the bank by faking a robbery.

This week finally got us off the Kali story. There was not one mention of her or Will’s death the entire episode. Since this is only my third viewing of Sanctuary, I enjoyed it immensely as it gave me a better look at the team in action, their interaction with each other and a flavor of independent story lines involving abnormals. I am a fan.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I immediately knew the turned-out-to-be-pregnant girl was not the host. It was way too convenient. Of course, that led me to play “who do I think is the host?” followed by “who do I think is the bounty hunter competition?”. Let’s just say I was wrong on both counts. I for sure thought the older lady was the host and macho man was the bounty hunter especially when he refused to leave. Apparently I fell right into the writers’ hands there. I also began to wonder if one of the team could be the host. After all, Dr. Magnus said the temperature of the abnormal was about the same as theirs and could get by them unnoticed. Luckily, I was also wrong on that one.

It was rather amusing that after acknowledging that he knew of Dr. Magnus and her renowned expertise, that the bounty hunter guy decides to lock the entire team up with the human host hoping the abnormal will kill them all, hibernate and he could just then go in and scoop it up. Did he not think Helen would have an alternative plan? And why would he trust them to be completely honest about the way out just because the grate opened? Would you hire him as your bounty hunter?

I liked the storyline as it applied to Kate too. She certainly was in her element with the bank robbery, which worked out well for the team. Did anyone wonder if she was going to be tempted to regress totally into her previous life with all of that money around? She certainly has come a long way and I think she was proud that Helen acknowleged it.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Sanctuary? Did you think this was one of the better episodes, filler or just totally awful? I rather like that they were a bit out of their element in a small town that still used decades old security “technology”. Meanwhile we have Henry outside in an RV with a state-of-the-art system. Quite a contrast. Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode of Sanctuary in the comments below.

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