THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Irish Pub Formulation” Review

The Big Bang Theory

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Irish Pub Formulation” Season 4 Episode 6 – When Priya, Raj’s sister, comes to town during a one day layover in her travels, she rekindles an old fling with Leonard. Sheldon finds out, forcing Leonard to confess all to Raj.

This episode commences week two without Penny, but instead of Bernadette or Amy balancing the genders we get Priya. There wasn’t much time to build up her personality but she was still a great character to watch. The physical humor as she hid from Sheldon was priceless, especially Leonard shoving her back into his bedroom. I hope we get to see more of her sometime.

Is there anything better on The Big Bang Theory than when the boys argue? The ‘secrets’ that came to light were not only strange but strangely fitting too. Poor Raj – it’s easy to forget that in previous seasons he was the fall guy, so finding out he gives the guys presents for Thanksgiving and does everyone’s laundry on the 4th of July was a great callback. But why does Sheldon want to know at what level food tastes ‘mothy’?

And let’s not forget Sheldon playing the text roleplay game. The great thing about the geek humor in this series is that it’s funny because it’s true. If you’ve never played a text roleplay game, find one. I can guarantee you’ll find yourself in Sheldon’s shoes eventually.

A great episode, though things still feel a little odd without Penny.

Howard’s Mom-watch: No Ms. Wolowitz this week.

Quote of the episode: Sheldon – “You’re far too short to be Darth Vader. At best you might be a turn-coat Ewok.”

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  • Drew

    As a fellow geek, I can relate to just about all the campy references, and the text-based roleplaying game was pure gold.

    Best comedy on television.