IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Who Got Dee Pregnant?” Episode 7 Season 6 – Oh lord here we go. When it turned out that this week’s episode was gonna be a “Who done it?” about how Dee getting pregnant, I was giddy with joy. This will be the first time they are even acknowledging the massive belly with an elephant in the room and I had NO idea how they were going to do it. And of course in IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA style, it was amazing.

The boys are planning on spending the night in a museum until they find out that Dee is preggers. Adding insult, Dee tells them the kid is one of theirs and it happened at a crunked up Halloween party that went down at Paddy’s. The boys decide to forgo the museum adventure and figure out the mystery of “Who Got Dee Pregnant?” Dennis, Frank, Charlie and Mac all have different versions of what went down that night, so they decide to hit up the McPoyle twins as they only drink and were totally sober throughout the party. Their retelling of the story might be the best of the episode and the gang leaves their apartment in disgust when they believe that multiple switching of Halloween costumes lead Dennis and Dee to procreate at Paddy’s. When you are done washing your brain with acid, it turns out that they did not actually have that sex that night. Dee let’s the boys know that there is nothing to worry as none of them are actually the dad. This allows them to return to their standard mocking of Dee and them no longer caring about her, her baby or the baby daddy.

This episode was quintessential IASIP. It encompassed my favorite elements of the show with the multiple flashbacks used to retell each gang member’s version of the night and appearances of my favorite supporting characters like the McPoyle twins, Artemis and the always lovely Waitress. And now that the cat is out of the bag about Dee’s upcoming arrival, I can’t wait to see who could possibly be the father. This was the best of the season so far with its ability to cross so many lines, courtesy to the creepy family that is McPoyle and even the idea that brother and sister Dee and Dennis could have stooped so low in their life that the gang could have believed it would be possible for them to have sex with each other. My skin is still crawling from just the idea. But lordy the creepiness of the McPoyle family was missed. My only issue with this episode was the lack of Charlie and Mac story lines, but I guess since they have been the main focus so far in the season the spotlight needed to get moved. This episode reminded me a lot of the Dance Marathon party from a few seasons back, the actual episode that pulled me in and got me addicted to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It was disturbingly hilarious and crossed so many lines that you can’t imagine what could be next.