FACT OR FAKED: PARANORMAL FILES Panel (Syfy Digital Press Tour)

Fact or Faked panel Syfy Press Tour 2010
Syfy’s reality series FACT OR FAKED: PARANORMAL FILES returns tonight, October 28, at 10pm with 6 new episodes. But until then, how about learning a little bit about what’s ahead?

During the Syfy Digital Press Tour, hosts Ben Hansen, Bill Murphy, and Jael de Pardo took some time to talk about their experience on the series and what we can expect in the new episodes.

Here are some highlights from the Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files panel:

– When Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files first started, they used to have to find the videos themselves, but now they get submissions, which makes it a lot easier. On the other had, there are a lot of hoax videos too.

– The three of them are now more comfortable as a team and will debate what they want to investigate.

– In order for them to pick a video, it has to be compelling, it has to have a witness, and they need to be able to test it. So if it takes place in deep space, it’s not likely to get picked because they wouldn’t really be able to replicate it.

– For the new episodes, if they don’t have time to show a specific experiment during an episode, they will now address the fact that they did try it. As opposed to before when it seemed they didn’t try everything.

– In an upcoming episode Jael got to wear the mermaid suit.

– The hosts had some tips as to how they would fake a video:

  • If u create a video, it’s most likely not going to be good, because you would grab your camera in a hurry, so a lot of shaking and talking is expected.
  • – Fun Fact: Ben created a few ghost photos himself and he would love to do a ghost or UFO video.

    And if you want more, check out the video from the panel below, and enjoy more photos as well.

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