THE GOOD WIFE “VIP Treatment” Review


THE GOOD WIFE “VIP Treatment” Season 2 Episode 5- “Four hours to decide if we sue the most beloved Democrat in American.” Joe Kent is also a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and he has just been accused of assaulting a massuese. There are some moments in The Good Wife where you have to just sit back and admire the direction. The moment where Alicia passed the slip of paper to Bond, who passed it to Gardner who passed it to Lockhart as the drums banged in the background was such a moment.

Kalinda is sent to see if Joe Kent left any evidence in his bedroom, whilst Lockhart enlists Blake to investigate the accusor, one Lara White.

At eleven o clock Lare is going to meet with another law firm who are interested in taking her case, which means Lockhart, Gardner and Bond are on a countdown clock. Soon, Diane and Derrick want to cut her loose and Will wants to keep her. This is before White shows Alicia a key piece of evidence, which prompts a meeting with the one and only Mr Kent.

Will meets Kent’s lawyer and they get into a fightfight. Kent’s lawyer then goes to Peter in an attempt to endorse him-the only catch is that Peter has to get Alicia to drop the case. Peter refuses to do so, but Joe Kent endorses him anyways, effectively tying himself to Peter and, by extension, Lockhart, Gardner and Bond.

Diane receives a call from Kent’s wife, who tries to plead to her better (as in feminist) angels. There is no doubt now that Kent did it and the partners decide to take the case.

However, just as Alicia is sent to give her the good news, it turns out that White does not want her background exposed. She knows the media will tear her apart and so she decides, in the end, to drop the case, though she does noticeably leave key evidence behind.

Which means that Peter has the as of yet untarnished (but certainly not untarnishable) Joe Kent’s endorsement to fight Wendy Scott-Carr (Wendy? Really? Even her name is lovely!)

Written by the series creators Robert and Michelle King, this was yet another fantastic episode of The Good Wife, which has, I believe after this episode, just eclipsed Mad Men as the best show on television.

What did you think? Share my enthusiasm and love for this show? Completely disagree, find yourself getting a migraine any time Julianna Marguileis or Archie Panjabi appear on screen (coughheresycough)? Sound off in the comments below!

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