MERLIN Season 4 Announced

Merlin (BBC One) Season 3

From the excellent news files, it has been announced that there will be a fourth season of the family fantasy drama MERLIN on BBC One. Ten new forty-five minute episodes have been commissioned.

Ben Stephenson, Controller Drama Commissioning, said, “Merlin continues to perform outstandingly well against X Factor and offers audiences an alternative treat on Saturday nights. I’m pleased to confirm that the magical world of Camelot will be returning next year for a fourth series of this fresh and modern retelling of a classic British legend.”

Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, executive producers for Shine TV, said, “We are both delighted with the continuing success of Merlin, and relish the chance to take the series to the next level with the long-awaited arrival of the Knights of the Round Table.”

Season 3 of Merlin is currently airing with the finale scheduled to air on BBC One December 4. Syfy has already announced it will air those episodes here in the United States beginning in early 2011 and we can only hope they will pick up season four as well.

Is everyone else excited to know there will be more Merlin, this time with the Knights of the Round Table?

  • I am super excited we will get a season 4. Merlin is such an amazing show!

  • Rachel

    YAY Merlin!! I’m so excited there’s going to be a 4th season!

  • Tom

    Very excited that there will be a Merlin season 4. Although I am disappointed that there will be only 10 episodes… If the show is so popular they should make more episodes per season. 20 per season would be awesome!

    • Ellie

      @tom they have agreed to let them air 10 episodes but knowing how popular it is they will air 13 like all the other seasons. Its just like a starter number if that makes sense 🙂

    • Moria

      A lot shows come in small order seasons. Especially on cable networks. It also depends on the time in which they air. For instance, summer shows often come with far less episodes per season than one that starts its run in the fall. And Ellie is right, often times they will order a larger number of shows after the original order if the show continues to perform well.

    • Dabreezie2004

      Twenty would be great, but if they tried to make twenty in one season, we would have more quantity, but much less quality.

    • Rnabareseh

      I support this

  • Shan

    Great to know we have a 4th season of a great refreshing show amid all the boring car chasing & car crushing shows.

    • King

      like what actually

  • Aliu d. jnr

    my mind is saying something you’ll wanna hear but how can i start

  • bob

    Merlin is amazing! and i cant wait to see the 4th season 🙂

  • Melody

    Heck yeah, that’s great news! I’m a huge fan. It’s a fun show and I’m very excited they are getting another season.

  • Majie

    but the real question is, will it be in HD???

    • TsarMark

      Haha, “but the real question is, will it be in HD???” ^.^

  • Mikayla

    Merlin is probably the most epic show on the face of the earth. I mean – It has action, romance, magic, humor, and it so beats the X-Factor. Merlin by far is my favorite TV show and I am SO happy that they have re-newed it for a fourth season!

    • Ikkejije

      You MUST be kidding? Most EPIC? Yes, it has quality, and it’s good to watch, but most epic on earth? Even epic would be an overstatement. ‘Very good’ is the max it deserves.

      Let’s face it, aside from the story itself (the storyline) which is a rather free interpretation of the legends, but is quite good, the magic in the series isn’t all that impressive: whenever magic is require, someones eyes glow a bit, sometimes aided by some obscure potion or handwaving, and that’s it: magic happens. I have seen all episodes, but the magic is actually quite boring.

      • Aeroxz

        Would you prefer an almighty sound followed by laser beams insane special effects?

        You may not have noticed but magic is not widely liked so they could hardly make it stand out like a sore thumb or how would they enable Merlin to use it in so many covert situations? Use your head man.

        @OP i agree. this show is EPIC 🙂 +1

      • MrLoudCry

        First: I am a big fan of the show. I am totally happy the series is going to continue. But I must agree with Ikkejije’s comment. We are all happy the show is getting another season, and since the network as already committed to it, we do not need to kiss butt. It is time to tell the producers what we the viewers want. We want to be dazzled with more this coming season, than just glowing eyes and waving hands. It is time for Merlin to step up his game and show the television world WHY Merlin is a legend!

        • Ike

          i believe the magic as of now is good, what i want to see is installing knights of the round along with merlin being able to use magic out in the open, at that point in time then the spells that he does can then be made to be bigger with more special effects  

  • Duo

    yay glad another season and with knights of the round table ? thats awesome, its obvious 3-4 of the knights is obviously elionor, lance, gwaine, and forgot the other guy that helps them out in the series.

    • Billie

      the other guy is percival if you mean the guy lance brought with him in the last season, and i agree i’m glad the knights are there.

    • Shaun


  • Matthew

    Excellent news but does anyone know why it’s 10 episodes instead of the usual 13?

    • jm

      I agree, why only 10? are they making series 4 the last one?

    • That’s a very good question and unfortunately, there were no details about that.

    • TsarMark

      It obvious… the reason why only ten is because it is a the last season!

      • brentt

        i heard tht there are gonna be a 4 and 5

    • Adam

      This does not mean it will be the last season. It could be down to a number of reasons. There has been a bunch of tv-shows in which the number of episodes per season vary. Merlin has been a huge success, as said above and I believe it will continue to run if it continues. You may be right, and it might be the series final season but you should not jump to conclusions without the correct information.

    • jack

      hey just because it has 10 episodes doesn’t mean its the last season for instance take chuck that has been running for about 4 season now and everyone of its season has had bigger or small episode numbers so it doesn’t mean it will be the final episode it could just been that there is another show which has been given the slots after Merlin so it could only make ten who knows

    • Mercykill

      the buget for the show is very expensive to make, so to help cut costs they will be cutting episodes. Bbc is having financial problems so instaed of cutting production value they will cut down the number of episodes in the next series. Hopefully in the next series we will get more! Lets hope! : )

  • Jamie

    Extremely excited about a 4th season and hope it continues on further than that!!

  • very nice i love this show<3

  • Tom

    Love this show! Like others, wondering why only 10 episodes have been commissioned?! If only 10 – then at least each episode should have been an hour long (without ads of course)!

  • i love it

  • huh??

    It’s freakin awesome knowing theres going to be a 4th series, but it says only 10 episodes have been announced, why only 10? does it mean that if there only will be 10 in the next series, then the 4th series is the end?

  • Faz

    Very happy its been picked up for another season cant wait

  • bradleyjamesfannatic

    I cant wait to watch season 4 of Merlin! I just hope there will still be season 5-10, haha.. I love bradley james! 😀

  • Ben

    I certainly am thrilled!!!

  • dawnflower

    at the end of the last episode it said that the series would conclude next saturday, i was nervous they meant no more merlin!!!!

  • aziz

    i can’t wait to wach season 4 and 5 of merlin
    comming soon

  • marc

    i love merlin but i wish it was longer with at least 18 episodes cant wait till season 4

    • Potso

      I support u. Its they cud release 2-3 seasons consecutively.

    • Adam

      If this were the case, they would have a break half way through the season which can last between 3-4 months. I prefer it the current way with a continuess episode each weeks. Gives them more time to plan the next season and film it. Just my thoughts. 🙂

    • soph

      i agree completely! i wish it had so many more episodes a year than 13! i know there would be breaks, but it would still be like watching merlin year round! 😀 and i know this is ridiculous, but if there could be 52 new episodes of merlin a year, that would make me a very happy camper 🙂

  • David Noyes

    I LOVE this freakin’ show!!!! I am in California and have to “stream” it so thank God for them internets :o) Long live the King!!!!!!

    • soph

      im from america too! 😀 every sunday i get the computer and im like “NOBODY TALK TO ME! ITS MERLIN TIME!” the episodes are kinda hard to find sometimes but thats alright! but OHMIGOD MERLIN IS THE BEST SHOW ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! sorry hehe..

    • Billie

      This is quite odd, I find. I’m English and have difficulty finding some American shows since most arn’t available in my area. But i’m kind of glad that I live in England because I do prefer the British shows like Doctor who, Torchwood and of course… Merlin. Love that show!

      • Dabreezie2004

        I am in America, but I prefer shows made in England, especially Merlin. The best movies come from England also. The actors are better trained, and they don’t rely as heavily on special effects and gimmicks in their movies as in America. The only good actors on this side of the pond came from England and/or were trained in England.. Liam Neeson, Julian Morris…etc.
        Actors like Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt..etc have no substance. They are all splash with no acting abilities, or training.

  • Anthony Harris

    I think that this show is so awsome it is better than some of the show that we have here in the states i can’t wait till season four come out i am always waitng for sat. to get to see it

    • soph

      oh i know! dont british people have such better tv shows than we do?!

    • Dabreezie2004

      Don’t you mean Merlin is better than any shows we have in the states?. D

  • tom

    y bother to show merlin seasons in the united states when everyone can download them off the inernet and get them before the wonder merlin isnt doing good in the usa,,everyone seen them off the net

    • TsarMark

      I never even seen one espisode or even an advertisement for Merlin on tv. All internet.

    • Adam

      This is why piracy kills the tv entertainment business. I do the same with tv-shows which are viewed in the USA first, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching or anything. Lucky, merlin is a huge success in the UK and is doing fantastic. 🙂

    • soph

      i found out about Merlin from syfy when they aired season 2 in america, then i went and bought season 1 on dvd 😀 and when i found out that it aired in the UK earlier, i watched season 3 every sunday on the internet.. but its still more exciting to see it on tv, so i really hope syfy continues to air it! but if it doesnt and Merlin’s still around when im older, im moving to the UK, just sayin 🙂

      • 007

        i feel sorii fr yhuww cz im frm da uk nd i cn wtch ih evry sundaii…..but i gt realli pissed whn sme shws frm america…lyk glee…the uk is lyk a full season or summat behind nd i hve 2 wtch ih on the net!!!soooo friggin annoyin

    • Margot

      They should air it on hulu or something if piracy is killing it, because then they would get paid and know people are watching it. But the problem is that I am not going to wait for the season to come out in America when I know it has already come out in the UK. Otherwise I would totally watch it on tv.

      • Parc1racing

        The first and second seasons are on Hulu, Just to let you know.

  • Jackie

    I am sooo excited. I am in the US and keep up with Merlin online, so when the announcer said “series finale” I freaked out!! Here that means the show is ending… Love this show!!

    • Adam

      “Series finally” means the series has ended aswell… are you sure it didn’t say “season finally”? :O

      • Twila

        no, Jackie was correct, the announcer said “series finale” causing me to start a screaming hissy at the tv

  • Tom

    Amazing news. I’m so sick of really good shows getting canceled and not resolved. I am so glad that they are actually going to be getting to Arthur’s Reign.

  • Anam Shaikh

    YAY! cant wait! 😀

  • Potso Ratlou

    I cant wait 2 c season 4 of merlin. I love is so good 2 watch it!!!

    • Potso

      Am so in hurry! its lik I cud push dis tym

  • Potso Ratlou

    I love merlin its amazing. potso Lesotho in Africa

  • toki

    🙁 so sad 2012 .. that’s like long long!!i waited over almost a year for season 3.. man,,, I hate waiting.. ut, it’s so worth it.. dang//////…sucks it’sthe best British fantasy i ever seen.. Man, i just realized that season 3 was ending..i can’t wait to watch this Saturday night..I’mma savor it with a delicious dinner an rewatch everything again when i am bored.

    • Potso

      I love Collin Morgan. Realy he’s amazing!

  • Kiki Moo

    I just love Merlin and i hate that its going to take so long for the next season!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think i can stay being without my favorite show for that long. I think it will be a 6 season( Or at least a girl can hope!) show.What do you guys think?

    • TsarMark

      The fourth season is obviously the last one. Sorry to ruin your hopes. I’m dissapointed aswell =/

    • Adam

      ‘Obviously’ jumping to conclusions.

      There has been a bunch of tv-shows in which the number of episodes per season vary. Merlin has been a huge success, as said above and I believe it will continue to run if it continues

    • soph

      ok that show Smallville is on its tenth and final season, which means its been on since i was 6, which is really weird now that i think about it.. but anywho so its about Superman when he was younger, and Merlin is about Merlin when he was younger, so my messed up logic tells me that Merlin’s is going to last that long also 🙂 lets hope my logic makes as much sense to the producers as it does to me!

  • TsarMark

    If anyone is wondering why only ten episodes it is because the fourth season will be the last one… forever…

    • Potso

      U dd u get dat? Or a u de producer? Come on, dnt spoil ma dy. Merlin is swaying man!!! stp being negative.

    • Luke

      nah itll only be 10 seasons because its all they can fit in on “The Round Table” im sure more episodes will happen after with arthur finding escalibur and bcoming King , Merlins Battle with the Druid Boy and Morganna & so on! if merlin isnt aired till september next year then maybe we will be blessed with another sorcerers apprentice!:D

      • Ikkejije

        Are you aware that the Merlin series in at it’s best only loosely based on the actual story used most in storytelling of Arthur? Some simple differences between Merlin, and the currently most used version of the ‘real’ myth:

        – Mordred is Arthurs son – not just a druid boy
        – Morgause is Mordreds mother (yes arthur and she had some rough hanky panky :P)
        – The round table is a wedding gift to Arthur and Guineviere, not some dusty table found (as in the Merlin series)
        – Arthur built Camelot after becoming king – In Merlin, he grows up in Camelot.
        – Arthur did not get Excalibur from the stone, he got it from the Lady of the Lake. He drew a normal sword from the stone, which broke later, in a battle. – In the Merling series, both swords are the same.
        – etc.

    • Adam

      ‘Obviously’ jumping to conclusions.

      There has been a bunch of tv-shows in which the number of episodes per season vary. Merlin has been a huge success, as said above and I believe it will continue to run if it continues

    • soph

      if they make another sorcerer’s apprentice i will be sooo happy!!! that movie was flippin awesome!!! the whole time i was watching i was making connections to Merlin! it made me feel special.. 😛

    • Mercykill

      there will be only 10 due to budget cutbacks! Merlin is an expensive show to make! So instead of cutting production value they are cutting back the number of episodes in the 4th series. I guess Doctor who gets first dibs on budget! Lol

    • Billie

      There has been no report or suggestion that it is the last series. the BBC has not said anything about it, and the number of episodes is because of the budget they have at the moment, Not because the show is ending. I think you need some proof before you jump to conclusions and then make that suggestion to the public.

  • emerald

    yay!!! merlin i could watch this for 10 more seasons =P atleast lol

  • Arcy

    WOHHHHOOOOOO!! I can’t wait for the season 3 finale, and I am super excited for season 4. I hope they will continue this series because there is nothing like this out there and it is refreshing.

  • when will the first episode of season one be aired which month or which time of the year?

  • Andy Barton

    Im sorry but i don’t think that they should make season 4.
    Instead i think that they should make it a nightly soap. i have a great time in mind, about 20:00 monday to friday BBC1. (gets rid of that brain rotting eastenders s**t!).

    • Luke


  • nemhook

    Nothing to say it will be the last one, many shows don’t always have the same amount each season, that being said, merlin does run on the time slot of doctor who, and the time it takes to make the show and and the slots available 10 episodes are most likely all they can fit between dr who finishing and starting and so on.

  • Luke

    Merlin is brilliant it has everything a good programme should have. A thrilling story Line and be witty. its quite simply magical! 🙂

    • soph

      hells yeah!!! theres nuttin like it anywhere else 🙂

  • cait

    SO EXCITED! I had heard in the second to last episode in season 3 that the Dec. 4 episode was the “series end” but I forgot it’s called a season is called a series in the UK *boink*. So happy to hear Merlin isn’t over yet!

  • sofi

    I am so frackin sorry this season is over and cant wait to watch more of Merlin. I am in Istanbul and I had to watch it from the internet cuz season 3 is to be on air in 2011. Hope the show will continue forever

  • soph

    IM SO FLIPPIN EXCITED!!! Merlin is the most amazing show in the history of the world! if it doesnt last at least 20 more seasons, then the last seasons better be chuck full of so much awesomeness, that theyre just bursting at the seams! 😀 im in the US so i watch it on the computer, but when it airs on syfy, ill watch it again just to support it! i really hope syfy doesnt drop it, but if it does, im packin my bags and moving to the UK! hm, i have an aunt who lives in London.. now if only i had a private jet to fly me to stay with her every saturday.. i suppose the internet will have to suffice 🙂

  • Omz

    I can’t wait for the new season to start! I love this show. It’s in the number one list on my very, very long list of favorite shows!

  • Benjamin

    season 3 was great, but i was kind of hoping this would have been the season in which merlin finally tells aurthor the truth…

    • soph

      oh god i know!!! does anyone know when thats suppose to happen anyway? cuz all thru the season finale, i was all “alright, arthurs gonna find out now! (*pause*) ok, itll happen now!” and so on.. but it didnt happen

  • tori

    now only I but the world fans of the supernatural are rejoicing!

  • Margot

    I AM SUPER EXCITED! I LOVE Merlin and cannot wait until next series. I will be totally depressed until it comes out probably next year. 🙁 Oh well I will just have to wait and watch it again on Syfy.

  • Xeno

    “commissioned” 10 episodes..meaning thats the contract they worked out with the actors, and how many they promise to give the fans…this is very common in show biz…and has no bearing the total amount of episodes per season, or number of seasons in just means we get 10 now..and after the viewing numbers come back in, contracts get renegoiated with the actors, and the show comes back with a few more episodes for season 3, or gets labled as “season 4”. This happens with a ton of shows, that go “on break”, but return as the same season they left on.

    • soph

      oh yeah ya know i was thinking about that earlier because the lady at the end of the show said that series 3 PART 1 was available on dvd, so the ten episodes most likely are just the second part of the 3rd season! 😀 oh that possibility just made me very happy!

  • S.

    so, the 4th season start 2011? not 2012?

    • Parc1racing

      it’ll start early 2012 in the U.S., but late 2011 over there. I believe.

  • shay

    i’m more then excited me and my wife watch merlin every saturday it’s the best show ever… do more episodes 🙂 plssss!!!!

  • Sheaba Philip

    I’m really glad that there will be a Merlin season 4. Can’t wait!!
    Merlin is an incredible series!!!

  • rocky

    oh absolutely. This is an amazing series of magic. I just love the show; and I hope it continues for another few seasons….

  • suzanne

    Phew thank god I live in the netherlands and can receive bbc on my telly… I wuldnt be able to have to wait 1 minute knowing the show is out there. Annoyingly I can’t acces parts of the bbc website for more merlin goodies.

    And yes, the fact season 4 has 10 eps does turn my stomach. But on the bright side… Maybe they picking up the pase of the show, airing more then one season a year… Can’t endure having to wait 7 months now :S.

  • soph

    ok, i know this is going to sound a bit crazy (*twitch*), but when i was little, i use to have this book called Dragonology, and in that book, there was a “dragon script” alphabet called Anglo-Saxon Runs (or runic). I memorized that alphabet, and I wrote in it quite often. the first episode of Merlin that I ever saw was one where they showed a grave with a head stone on it, and the writing of the headstone was runic and i could read it! 😀 that made me feel pretty special! now im a bit obsessed with Merlin 🙂 but i cant help it! its just so amazing! you just cant get that kind of satisfaction from any other show, cuz this show got it all, and even all the actors are just so adorable! i hope Merlin’s picked up for at least 5 more amazing seasons! ^-^

    • jazmine

      hahahahahahahahhahaha little things like that make you scream like a fan girl

    • NOYB

      Me too!

  • Maria Sweeney

    I am so happy that Merlin will be back for another season!
    It’s just going to be a long wait ;P

    Love Arthur & Merlin <333

  • jazmine

    I really really really really hope that they air another season this year because it kills me to have to wait even 1 week to see another episode and now they want me to wait another 8 months or so until I can see season 4. I LOVE THIS SHOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Alicia

    I love Merlin I watch online since I am in the US and can’t get it any other way I hope there are many more seasons to come.

  • Ben

    Oh god. I just read that Merlin will be entirely absent in 2011. It won’t return untill 2012!!! Because the BBC decided to split Dr. Who into two parts.

  • Brinden Sanders

    I live in the U.S, Here in a small town of sweet home, Oregon…and i have to say Merlin is such a great series. I picked up watching it a year ago and watch the first two series of Merlin and was awaiting the season 3, but unfortunately they didn’t have it here in the states, but luckily i found a site that i could watch the episodes 🙂 I have to say Merlin is a much watch in any age group and i LOVE IT!! Cant wait to see Prince Arthur unravel into the great king he is going to be, and as well I can’t wait till Merlin gets to show how “great and magical” he is!!!

    Can’t wait to read the scripts on Season 4!!

    Much love over here in the states with this series 😀 😀 😀

  • loralie

    I’m absolutely excited!!! I love how the story comes together in season 3 😉

  • Anonymous


  • Priya

    impatient for season 4! it is just great to watch it every week…here in mauritius we never miss any episode…i hope there will be many more seasons!!
    merlin is a great series so i hope they wont stop it..people really appreciate

    well z bright side is that season 4 has been announced and now z wait seems a little shorter!

  • Maeve

    Behold the fangirliness that is ME! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. Yay for Merlin!

  • iHEARTmerlin

    I’m from America and I wish they would show it on our telly!!! Awesome show! I’m glad there will be a season 4!!!! Great performers and storyline! 😀

    • iHEARTmerlin – Season 3 of Merlin will actually air starting January 7th on Syfy in the US.

  • predrag

    awesome! cant wait for the first episode to come out ,this is my absolute favorite show!

  • Zanthus

    I am overjoyed that Merlin is commissioned for season 4. This is truly one of the best shows from England. I do wish Hollyoaks and Emmerdale was aired here in the U.S. too. But at least we have Merlin and that is something to shout about.

  • OZZFestAmy

    I really love the Merlin Series! I have saw it up to the last episode here in the United States! It is an utter delight to watch! Why did it fail when it first began on NBC? I am glad that SciFi has picked it up, because now when people watch it they will finally know about the series I am discussing! I have seen all three seasons and am looking forward to season 4! To the cast and the characters you play your roles well! Congradulations gain!

  • Chidera amadi

    I will love to see merlin season 4!

  • ayu

    kapan nih season 4 mulai tayang???
    g sabarrrr……

  • Carlos

    Wow! i can’t wait to season 4! this show is amazing, i’ve watched the 3 seasons in just 2 weeks! the show is pretty good, the story is perfect, the actors are so adorable!

    Love Merlin, Gaius, Arthur and Gwen <3

  • Reiko

    I cannot wait for the fourth season! I’m so terribly excited! Merlin is such a fantastic series <3

  • Mykel

    It is a big suspense on the film, a big kudos to Merlin and Athur, its a great work done. Keep it up. I ever know how Mogana wil handle Camelot in season 4, wel lets wait and see.

  • shocked!!

    😀 season 4!!!i love this show! D: 10 episodes?!?!?!? maybe just for ummmmmm the fall? maybe another ten!?!?! 😛 i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait a sec :/ did they cancel it in 2011 for DR. WHO!?!?? love the show but come on if you taking away merlin too >:/… now wait a second they have another 6-ish months film. they should make like 20 merlin episodes for making us wait that long, they have the time >:/

  • Sues

    Yes!!! I really cannot wait, this series is absolutely amazing and it’s all coming together quite well. 😀

  • kevin

    hell. yes.

  • Excited?! That’s an understatement! I can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Irene Attolia

    There shall be Merlin!!! But probs not slash. Oh well…

  • Merthur slasher

    There must be slash.Just one arthur/merlin make out scene. or even merlin/gwaine!

  • Rafeeq Burton

    Thank God,I feel in love with merlin in america when they 1st played it on NBC then had the nerve to take it away. Luckily Syfy heard our cries and saw its potentionl, hopefully they will keep picking it up cus idk wat i would do i would proably have to wait 4 the dvd or something

  • josh

    this is a great show i just hope that will continue cuz there not any shoes on that can compare to it (JLOCK)

  • soraida

    oh my gosh i love this series from the start and i love you arthur pendragon so much

  • I think that Merlin is maybe the best series ever.
    The combination of great humor and lots of action is perfect and all the stars are totaly lovable.
    I can’t wait anymore!

  • ShyAdrew

    Sometimes producers have to pay for episodes so they can start productions for the new season. The first 3 episodes could have been part of the end of Season 3 payments. Anyway, Merlin will cont. as long as followers like yourselves cont. your loving support.

  • Felix

    Season 4 is going to the next level!!!! What a incredible show. It must be more better than other season if Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy really doing what have they said. 😀

  • Felix

    Season 4 is going to the next level!!!! What a incredible show. It must be more better than other season if Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy really doing what have they said. 😀

  • varty

    very excited that there will be a fourth season. and as for the there being only 10 episodes….it’s stated that each episode will be 45 minutes…currently, the episodes run at about 30 minutes (without ads) so in actual fact we may be getting more Merlin that previously! whoop whoop!

  • So when does season 4 episode 1 show in the uk? I read they won’t even start filming until march 2011, which seems pretty slow to me, considering they must have finished filming season 3 a long time ago.

  • David_burujon

    I’ve just finished the 3º season and I’m look forward to watching the 4º! I can’t wait!!!

  • Gavinnjovin

    This show is fantastic with suspense in each episode, wicked and treacherous journey ahead. As long as we, the fans, continue to give support. This show bound to continue with the loyalty. Cheers for Merlin the series!

  • Jibbyjam

    Why do they use such ugly actors? Even Bradley James, who plays Arthur, is one ugly bastard. I love the show and hope to see the fourth season, but I really wish they would have used some talent from the United States where the pretty girls AREN’T all tourists.

    • Jessy5765

      WTF? They are pretty damn good actors if you ask me. Dont be the average Asshole American and say that we are the best at everything cause we arent. Get your head out of your ass. This coming from your country boy american,now traveling the country.

    • Zoran Mitrevski

      are you for real!?????? Bradley James is goreous… go put some glasses on mate!!

    • Dabreezie2004

      You have no idea what real talent is. You have been spoon fed by these Hollywood types that can’t act their way out of a paper bag. Hollywood actors are nothing more that cookie cutter so-called actors. Whether it is Damon. Pitt or Cruise, not one of them can act. They all look alike and copy each other. A couple years ago I decided not to watch Hollywood’s two-bit actors and stick to films made in England and throughout Western and Eastern Europe, and all the way over to Argentina and Mexico. The actors, producers, writers who write from the heart, and truly care about their art. And, the girls in Hollywood have nothing over the ones in England, Ireland, Wales, Russia, Hungary, as well as North, Central and South America. If you want real talent try watching movies from some of these places. They do have subtitles if you don’t have a problem reading them. The last time I drove down Sunset Blvd it literally made me sick.

  • Stradivarii

    The Best ever!!

  • Mitzila_ivette

    I have a question: why is season 4 only going to have 10 episodes????? Why??
    Merlin is such a popular series.

  • Milan

    when will season 4 start???

    • There is no official date at the moment, but they will start filming the new season in March 2011. The new season most likely won’t air until 2012.

  • alexandro

    Αυτή η σειρά ειναι τέλεια ανηπομονώ για τη 4 season…!!!!!!!!

  • Beeninahayes

    I’m thrilled there is to be a 4th season, but I am sad that it will only be 10 episodes.

  • Carolineliu34

    am so happy that there will be merlin season four… i love this movie so much i wish it can just be continuring from one season to another….from four all the way to ten to amount amount of season….

  • Carolineliu34

    i love merlin movie and all the actors and actresses that took part in this movie.. Gaius ,merlin morgana , gwen the dragon the king………………….. aurthur………….

  • Ellie

    @tom they have agreed to let them air 10 episodes but knowing how popular it is they will air 13 like all the other seasons. Its just like a starter number if that makes sense 🙂

  • Ethan Whitmire

    I would like to say thanks to the BBC, the cast, producers and anyone associated with the show Merlin. Here in the states it is hard to find something I can watch with my kids and that is very much needed in today’s day and age. I very much look forward to season 4 and hopefully many more. Please keep up the great work!

  • nilou

    Woop Woop
    I am a Fan of Merlin like the Others@.@

  • Pettels

    I too am a huge fan of Merlin =D im in australia so i’ll have to wait longer to see season four 🙁 but i am so glad they have not yet finished…tis a fun packed show and i wish it could be on twenty four seven! i soooooo cant wait =D =D

  • Rdekeijzer 96


  • I have been a long time avid Tv watcher. I have enjoyed many series from all genres of television and I have to say that Merlin is by far the best Series I have ever watched. I have laughed, cried, and even resorted to yelling at the screen on occasion. (everyone remembers the scene when Merlin’s father was killed after only discovering the previous night he had a son… AHhh I was soooo mad!) The love story between Arthur and Gwen is heart wrenching to say the least! I have invested so many emotions into the series thus far I should be receiving a refund check from the show any day now.. I love this show more than Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, NCIS, and The Vampire Diaries combined! The drama grabs you by the heart and leaves you breathless, the action is blockbuster movie quality, the relationships between characters are moving, and the bumbling of Young Merlin only endears him closer to my heart! I for one can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • This is the best story of Merlin I have every seen. I am a huge fan of historic fictions so I have seen a few, so I can honestly say this series is the most entertaining, engaging, and well written of them all.

    I can’t wait for the next series to air.

  • yessssssssssssssss

  • yessssssssssssssss

  • Kraftykelly

    I am anxiously awaiting to see Season 4 — once all 5 seasons are done I will buy the DVD set to watch it all again. Brings back childhood memories of tv long ago. I love the tales of the Round Table.

  • Scarlo’ideach Damha’n

    the show is a fun romp as long as you keep in mind is has absolutely NOTHING to do with the historical facts. the architecture is hundreds of years in the future from 800BC when the Uther/Arthur events occured. The costuming though very beautifully done is also in terms of fabrics, colors and styles show is also hundreds of years in the future if at all. Uther died the day Arthur was conceived and wasn’t around for his upbringing. Guineviere was NOT a peasant but Christian Norman nobility, a princess in fact, though I’m totally diggin’ that they cast a black actress for this role. She plays the part beautifully and expertly. And the final insult to history is that Merlin is not his name but the title of his office as the Head Priest of Druids from Avalon. To say a man is The Merlin is to say he is The Court Vizier or magickal counselor. History proves that his true name is Roman and Celtic and that he had more rights to the throne of England than Uther or Arthur did by both his aboriginal and invaders bloodlines. But anyone who has power or has it thrust upon them knows that the true power is behind the throne, not whom sits in it…Oh…and The Last Merlin of England was nearly 40 years older than Arthur when he was conceived and raised him as a surrogate father, not both teenagers. This show has great ideas and premises for a fantasy based show, but they really should have made up their own names for characters and places and made it completely unique instead of butchering history so appallingly. I’m tired of telling my elementary students that nothing they see in this program is even remotely connected to the true historical facts. I’d rather spend the time, energy and effort teaching the truth than the huge amounts of time wasted having to debunk this frivilous show. (and don’t you dare give me crap about spelling and grammar when I type angry and upset, I don’t bother with the details when it’s the content that matters when pouring from the heart.)

    • Clo

      This is a remarkable rant from a teacher when it has not even been established that anyone called Arthur even existed, Merlin was based on a composite of two individuals created by Geoffrey of Monmouth, and the legend has been told in so many different ways that you could make any story fit them. The idea of ‘the Merlin’ in fact came from a series of fairly recent novels – Merlin’s name comes from Myrrdin, the name of a wild man of the woods. As a history teacher myself, I wouldn’t advise you to spend much time teaching the Arthur legend as historical fact – you might as well do the same with the legend of Robin Hood. That is just what these are, legends.

    • somecanadian

      I noticed a few changes in the arthur legend as well and at sometimes it annoys me but I really like this series so I ignore them and as Clo says below it’s a legend and the story has been told many ways

    • Dabreezie2004

      Scarlo’ideach Damha’n: That is old news. All fans of the show are totally aware that it is a Fairy Tale. So, why would anyone get so angry and upset over a TV show? Please don’t try to ruin it for those of us who love the show.

  • I Can’t wait to watch it!!

  • Erbsun27

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! im excited 4 dem bringing it back and im also glad dat a station here in the states picked up @least a few tester episodes i find myself thinking about the show thruout the day cant wait….thanks

  • Heck yes!!! Woohoooo! When exactly is it going to be aired?????? ;p need to know!!! ;p

  • Allen

    I pretty much love this show.

  • Tadaw

    OK, so I am stuck at home with a broken back…snow up to the rooftop (Welcome to Canada, eh?) but I must say, even though I am 47, a History major, Theology minor, I am enjoying the Hell out of “Merlin”! It’s good clean fun, and a refreshing change of pace from the usual garbage. Keep it coming! I can’t wait to see Season 4 and I am hoping to hear that Season 5 is in production! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    I’m just glad morgana was exposed. She was driving me crazy plotting and planning behind their backs. Should be interesting to see how the round table is born into Camelot.

    • Dabreezie2004

      The thing I hate most about Morgana is that smirk on her face, that no one ever sees, except the audience of course. Only one word can describe that face, and it is, UGLY.

  • Kouzoukas22

    when the 4th season comes out???

    • Sdjkhhsadasdhag

      when doess the 4th season come out on internet? now seriously plzzzz

  • Isida:)

    I like MERLIN!I`m from Russia,and you?

  • Samoanluvaaaajones

    someone in Honolulu, Hawaii loves MERLIN….cant wait to see season 4!!!

  • unbreakable independence

    can’t wait for the 4th season 🙂

  • Kate

    nooooooooo:(!! i dont want season 4 to be the last 🙁

  • Thebunnieskiller

    will be merlin season 4 plz…… the greatest show i hope so

  • Thebunnieskiller

    will be Merlin season 4?………i hope so…………

  • Anonymous Merlin Fan

    So excited! I’m from the US and I absolutely adore Merlin! They just started airing series 3 on syfy but I couldn’t wait that long to watch the whole thing so I bought the series 3 box set from Amazon UK. =D So happy I did, (I have a region-free dvd player and I can watch region 2 dvds) I just finished the whole thing. I read somewhere that the reason for 10 episodes instead of 13 was because of Doctor Who rescheduling, and it was also mentioned that they have planned the show for at least five series so I don’t think it will be the last season. Yay for Merlin! haha I’m such a geek

    • Joanna Gil

      I’m a huge fan from Portugal 🙂

      I’m looking forward for season 4!!!! When will it be released?

      I have a strange feeling of friendship for the characters, like they’re real friends, my favourites are Gaius (for his wisdom and med skills), Gwen (who has such a good heart), the dragon, and of course Merlin!

  • Mikey0263

    I am excited about a season 4 as well. I love the show here in the US.

  • Mikey0263

    I am excited about a season 4 as well. I love the show here in the US.

  • Tommyboy

    i love the show i have seen every single episode and hope that it doesn’t disappear like many other shows have done!

  • Annette_Albino

    I am super excited for anothe season of Merlin. I love this show. Ther is not one character I don’t like. I am ecstatic!!!!

  • Joe

    The one thing I’m not happy about is the wait 🙁 This is the best series I’ve seen in ages. I only wish the could commission more than 10 😀

  • Sarahjanelee43

    Iam sooo excited about season 4 i love merlin i even went and bought the box set for 1 2 and 3 the actors are so amazing they make u fall in love with the series. X x. Sarah x

  • Sarahjanelee43

    Iam sooo excited about season 4 i love merlin i even went and bought the box set for 1 2 and 3 the actors are so amazing they make u fall in love with the series. X x. Sarah x

  • Blacknat7

    Yeah! I’m super happy that there will be a fourth season! love Merlin!

    I am very very very! Excited about it!
    C’mon, couldn’t it be released today?! 😀

  • 17hottie:x

    i live in the united states and this is my favorite show of all time i love arthur,merlin,gwain…..everyonee. AMAZZINNG hopefully theres a season 5 and six tooooo <333

  • 17hottie:x

    i live in the united states and this is my favorite show of all time i love arthur,merlin,gwain…..everyonee. AMAZZINNG hopefully theres a season 5 and six tooooo <333

  • 17hottie:x

    i live in the united states and this is my favorite show of all time i love arthur,merlin,gwain…..everyonee. AMAZZINNG hopefully theres a season 5 and six tooooo <333

  • Pandora

    i’m from spain and i love this show, i can’t wait to see the new season!!

  • rocked

    does anyone know when though because i can’t wait lol!! it has almost three months now

  • Susannah Morris

    Merlin is well great can’t wait for season 4.

  • Sjunior91

    So excited.

  • Tamenrot

    I have enjoyed the series, but I find it a bit repetitive… many chapters are just remakes of older ones and the background story looses power against the stories that come out of the blue. I wish in the next season it was deeper in contents! I have seen all the episodes and had a good time with them, but they don’t make me think any further, since some characters are somehow erratic and not very believable.
    Anyhow, I’m glad it’s carrying on, thanks to the people that are making it happen! 🙂

    • Some1

      err…that was optomistic

  • Karen1nicola

    After reading some of the insane comments on here about waiting for season 4 – here are the facts: filming for season 4 will commence in March 2011. It will be ready to air (in the UK – as it is filmed by BBC Cymru in the UK) by the autumn of 2011, and will run for 10 episodes. UK shows like this DO NOT run to the standard 20+ episodes that shows in the US do. Hopefully that clears up any confusion.

  • Oladeletaiwo1

    only god knows when this is gonna end. the best movie av ever watched but when will the season 4 b released

  • Tuczu

    OH YEAH!

  • Thea

    Super! I didn’t have the patient to read the comments, all the way through, so I’m not sure is this the last season to come. I really hope not, because this is one of my favorite shows!
    I noticed some comments about people watching it through internet. It sucks because like you said it will lower the view on tv. I’ve watch Merlin through internet because Merlin starts here in 19th of this month (season 1), but I’ll force my brother to watch it with me even I seen it all most till end of the season 3. But really really hope that season 4 not be the end of Merlin. And why, even if this would be the final, there will be only 10 ep?? Love all actors in this show! Colin Morgan and Bradley James 🙂
    Please give us at least 2 more seasons!

  • Shadowwolf1958

    I can’t wait for the fourth season to begin. Hopefully there will be more season to follow with more than just 10 episodes a season.

  • Umarhabeeb

    will like 2 be the next merlin

  • Martinxxx

    Was hoping for new season ,, hope its gonna bee good then

  • John

    oh my god!!!!! I hope this is real!!!!!

  • Baldwinmb3

    Simply the very best scifi series ever! Well done BBC!

  • Merlin Lover


  • Omowunm ijoel

    i love merlin in a way that i can watch it 9ite and day as long as the next season keep coming.

  • Malin_ce

    Oh. I’m so Excited 😀 can’t wait for season 4 😀 : )) Is a amazing show 🙂

  • I hope I have this correct. Merlin Season 4 will air in the UK this coming autumn, and it will air in the US in Spring 2012??? It seems Season 3 was aired like that also.

  • Wavewatcher101

    Can’t wait for the 4th Season…love this show and hpe it continues on…

  • MrLoudCry

    Merlin is an enjoyable show. This is great news that we will experience a new “series” or season as we call it in the states. Legend of the Seeker, was another awesome fantasy genre show, that deserved another season, but ended prematurely. I am glad to see Merlin is going the distance. Looking forward to seeing the knights of the round table. Sounds like the best is yet to come!

  • Acheron_p

    Awesome, this is great news! Merlin rocks!!!

  • germangirl

    season 4 is ok… season 5 hmm maybe… but pls no season 6… at some point there has to be an end

  • Matthew

    OH YEAH I AM VERY VERY EXCITED!!! I was unhappy when it was said that season 3 would be the last season and when I found out they are going to be a season 4 I love this show and I hope it goes for more seasons but I guess we will take it season by season. Thank you BBC for approving another season.

  • greg

    Merlin is awesome and it needs to hurry back.

    • Dfddsfdfds

      please when is 4th season coming out?

  • Karen

    Couldn’t be more happy 😀

  • {Kix}

    I <333 Merlin!! I can't wait for it to come on again!
    Everyone is saying he has big ears!! I think they are normal 😛

  • Inno_cence

    I’m from Indonesia and I just want to say that this series of Merlin is really really REALLY great.., my own opinion though~
    I really love Merlin and hope to see the 4th season soon XD~~
    MERLIN I AM YOUR BIG FAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jazzy

    i love this show. i am american, but i love this show. i usually dont watch shows. but this show is awesome.
    thanks bbc for season 4.
    keep going to season 100.
    good work

  • Kay

    I’m honestly not too sure I could live without that show!!!

  • Happyfan

    love it I hope we keep on seeing this. Its refreshing show to watch. Love the costumes, characters and just the whole story line. NICE JOB.

  • when is the new show playing-Sunday night again?

  • Jasper

    I did read somewhere a fifth series has been confirmed. just put it in google and it will come up.. lets hope they continue to make it many more series.

  • Alora_parks

    so can we watch merlin in december??

  • Kwevira

    So excited to hear that Merlin is getting a Season 4! Yay Merlin (from me and all the other Merlin fans in the South Pacific!)

  • I hope syfy picks it up again, I am so hooked!

  • prettyprincess14

    awesome i thought before they said that that there was going to be a season four because the story is not complete arthur is not king, magic has not yet returned to camelot and other parts like what happens to morganna.

    so i am really excited that there is going to be a season 4 because merlin is awesome!

    but there’s one little problem they said that merlin season four is going to be aired next yaer in 2012
    which is a bummer but if any one finds out that it is online or on youtube can you email me at

  • so very glad to hear this. This has to be one of the first TV drama series I’m obsessed with. Love the characters, the friendships, the plots, and all the magical lore thrown in. Keep going strong, BBC Merlin. =)

  • Olivera Mitrof

    I am over the moon knowing there will be a season 4.. I can’t wait for Merlin 4

  • kaila27

    soooo excited 😀 cant wait 🙂

  • Winrose Moses

    so happy there is season 4,merlin is da best series i ever watch in ma entire life u rocky me

    • can some one teach me how to download this movie?? share the link pls.. TQ

  • Anonymous

    I like this series so it’s all well and good to know that it season four is coming but what I’d really like to know is WHEN??????

  • diane

    this series has to be one of the best i’ve ever seen for excellent casting, Sets, plots, atmosphere, etc.  I refuse to go anywhere whenever an episode of this is playing, even though I tape it for future viewing. I feel like i know these characters as they have tremendous depth–especially Merlin & Gwaine. Thanks writers for the humerous dialogue, actually thanks for all of the dialogue as it seems so real and believable. And filmed in a real castle–amazing!!

  • Jasonpyktel

    Omg I am so excited totally looking forward to the new season 4 coming totally freaking awesome love the series.

  • Baboo

    Aww ! But when !? I am really looking forward to see this series again. It’s great and I like all characters very much (maybe except Uther, argh, I really hate ‘im, like the actor though XD )

  • Jeff_spaid

    Thank God! I am so tired of reality t.v. This show is a very refreshing mix of drama, lite comedy and a super cast that make you want to like them…the goodies and the badies. I hope there will be  a season 5 as well. 

  • Salfaabdallah

    i love this and iwould like to warch  season 4 merline

  • Salfaabdallah

    why is season 4merline incomplete ?

  • XxVENOMxX5

    Were can you watch the fourth season
    If your in America?! I love the show…just wish Merlin would finnsly tell Auther his “secret”. 😉