WEEDS “Dearborn-Again” Advance Review

WEEDS (Showtime) Dearborn-Again

WEEDS “Dearborn-Again” Season 6 Episode 10 – After deciding to leave the country in last week’s “To Moscow, and Quickly,” Nancy and Andy spend the “Dearborn-Again” episode of WEEDS in Nancy’s hometown trying to make arrangements for that to happen while Silas and Shane dig into Nancy’s past. I had the chance to watch the episode early, and I’m happy to say it’s a solid episode that gives some interesting insight into Nancy while moving the story forward.

Nancy is sticking to her decision to take the family to Copenhagen, and since she thinks she knows the ins and outs of her hometown of Dearborn, she opts to make the final preparations for the great escape there. Multi-tasker that she is, she also finds time to try to make some peace with some of her past in one of my favorite sad-funny scenes in a while. Let’s face it–Nancy is not always the most likeable character given her self-involvement and often less than stellar behavior/parenting skills, but I always end up rooting for her, and it’s because of scenes like this one.

Richard Dreyfuss begins his guest stint in this episode, and in a lovely gift from the continuity fairy, he’s playing someone who has been mentioned on the show before. It seems like a fun role for Dreyfuss, though he so far mostly serves as a plot device to give the Botwins a place to stay while getting Shane and Silas interested in Nancy’s past. That past is very interesting indeed, especially in terms of its repercussions for Silas. As a side note, Shane is as manipulative as ever. Why do I find that so entertaining?

Between last week’s episode and this one, I’m finally happy Doug stuck around for the seemingly endless road trip. He is funnier here than he has had the chance to be in some time (“I’m on fuego” is a choice scene) and he’s much more integrated into the story, which is a bonus. Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk play off each other really well and I’m happy to see them paired throughout the episode.

There’s a fun, though not entirely unexpected, twist at the end of “Dearborn-Again” that helps add to the momentum I think Weeds began to regain last week after getting stuck in the travel weariness that comes with any road trip. We also get some bits of the biting satire that has been lacking in the show lately and which I have missed.

Once you’ve watched “Dearborn-Again,” please come back and post what you thought. How do you think the last three episodes will play out?

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