SINGLE FATHER Episode Three Review


SINGLE FATHER Episode Three – Sunday’s installment of SINGLE FATHER begins, as last week’s ended, with a blurry eyed Evie standing in the bedroom doorway having just wandered in on Dave and Sarah about to give into their growing attraction. Had she seen them? Did she understand what she’d seen? “Maybe it didn’t register” an understandably flustered Sarah hopes as Evie seems more interested in feeding her teddy bears a mid-night snack of cake than asking what it was exactly Daddy was doing. Sarah leaves and we are left wondering if Evie will let slip about what she’s seen.

The next day eager to speak to Sarah Dave calls her mobile and instead gets Matt accidentally inviting them both to the football with the whole family where the tension isn’t because of the footy but the 7-year-old time-bomb who seems to be enjoying taunting them, asking Matt if he likes cuddles then turning to Sarah and saying “you do don’t you?” The adorable Scottish accent and thick rimmed glasses make Evie’s innocent taunts all the more comical.

An AWOL Lucy is coaxed back as she is told Dave has found her real father. Dave wanting to meet up with him first before introducing them meets him in a plush, picturesque hotel – the same place, it turns out, that Rita and Stuart met for their yearly Lucy updates. The seed of jealousy is planted but his suspicious questions are side-stepped and neatly explained away, Lucy again becomes their focus and the tension subsides.

Stuart introduces Dave to his family who are annoyingly idyllic, bi-lingual and live in the type of serine townhouse normally only seen on Grand Designs – smug git, we collectively mutter.
A world away from this picture of family bliss Matt chats over holidays and future plans while an obviously absent minded Sarah looks at him with the kind of anguished, tortured look that makes you wonder what she has to do for the penny to drop – have a big neon sign above her head flashing “I’m cheating on you”.
Evie, quarantined at home with the Chicken Pox continues to dangle the carrot with the four little words “I’ve got a secret”, so she did see but will she tell?

The issue of the Police compensation for Rita’s death becomes more important as his cards decline, Dave is broke.

Prior to meeting her rather abrupt end via the bonnet of a Police car Rita kept diaries. In them Dave notices a worrying correlation between the meetings with Stuart and the children’s birthdays, the seed of jealousy is beginning to grow.

It is evident as the episode goes on that Sarah, played here by Suranne Jones, has fallen hard for Dave. Suranne conveys this growing strength of feeling subtly but effectively, lighting up at the mere sight of her old friend.

Lucy finally meets her real father in Edinburgh, Dave at a loose end “kills time” by meeting up with Sarah for a bit of opportunistic hotel sex. After, an increasingly resentful Dave reveals he suspects Rita’s past infidelity and that the children he has been raising might not be his. Sarah storms out the hotel leaving Dave to pick up the tab for the room which he puts on his credit card – adultery 101 would tell me this is a mistake.
Torn apart by her feelings of guilt Sarah finally ends it with Matt (he was shocked… we were not) and Dave declares to her his love, the relationship clearly now more than a fling. The episode ends as Sarah suggests a paternity test to once and for all know if the children are his.

Next week’s final episode of Single Father will surely be full of revelations and answered questions as this intriguing four-part drama wraps up.