LIE TO ME “Double Blind” Review

LIE TO ME Double Blind Review

LIE TO ME “Double Blind” Season 3 Episode 4 – Two men dressed as cops break into a museum when one is shot and unfortunately this all happens after the Lightman Group was hired to vet all the employees before a huge gala event. So Cal has to make nice and get to work finding out what they missed. He goes to the hospital to visit the wounded would-be thief and while there, he meets a very mysterious woman (guest star Tricia Helfer) who seems to be in a spot of trouble.

Meanwhile the team continues to question more employees from the museum and evidence begins to point to one of the museum’s painters. From there, they narrow it down to the curator but he’s only part of the game. Turns out that mystery woman of Cal’s is part of the plan, she’s trying to play him so she can get into the gala and her hands on a statue. But this is Cal we’re talking about here and of course he knows it all along. He plays her right back for all it’s worth, letting her think she’s leading him on like a good little puppy. Only he misses out that she’s actually a decoy and one of her friends makes the snatch right from under their noses. In the end, the joke’s on her as Cal had the curator switch out the statue for a fake.

My favorite bits…

Cal getting in the curator’s face and telling him to leave Torres alone.

Giggling a bit when Cal said he was a bit in Van Gogh (because, you know, Tim once played Van Gogh).

Foster saying that she could see Cal was busy.. checking out Naomi’s legs.

Foster slapping Cal (nearly on the bum) after he pretended to be sleeping.

Cal telling Torres to be like a poisonous butterfly and make sure that the next time someone bites her, they regret it. Love that analogy.

The boyfriend taking off as soon as Cal showed up. Yeah if I had a pissed off Cal after me, I’d run too.

This bit:
Naomi: “This is like a therapy session in the middle of a police interrogation.”
Cal: “That’s my idea of foreplay”

Naomi warning Cal not to talk about foreplay if he didn’t mean it. Excuse me while I pause to fan myself for a second. Is it hot in here? No? Just me? Okay, moving on then..

Cal telling Naomi that if it was a gentleman she was after, she was in the wrong house. Yeah, I’d call Cal a lot of things. Gentleman? Not so much. Then again, that’s one of the things I love about him.

Cal sending Torres into the bathroom to get a reading on Naomi. Sneaky, very sneaky.

Cal telling Torres that “everyone screws up now and then, love.”

Aha! I knew it. I totally knew Naomi was part of the heist.

Cal telling Torres that he knew Naomi was playing him all along. Oh, he’s so very clever that man.

Unable to keep from thinking how very much Tim looked like Mr. Orange in his suit at the party. Amazing how he still looks exactly the same, despite playing that role nearly 20 years ago.

Overall, in regards to this episode of Lie To Me, I gotta say I was pretty happy when it was revealed that Cal knew the whole time that Naomi was playing a game on him. Otherwise I was gonna have to call foul on this episode as it was just a little too cheesy how these two practically fell into each other’s arms after barely knowing each other. Having them both running scams on each other was way more fun and a helluva lot more sexy.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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