HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Baby Talk” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Baby Talk” Season 6 Episode 6 – What did you think of tonight’s episode? I thought it was FANTASTIC! Let’s talk about the characters.

Lily and Marshall: I think Marshall touched on every man’s fear – raising a daughter that becomes a ho. I almost died when he caught Lily following opposite steps to conceive a girl. Two of my favorite quotes of “Baby Talk” were from this story. First when Marshall’s dad said “Lemons are baby girl fertilizer” and then when Lily said “Dude you are writing checks that my vagina can’t cash”. Lol. I love these two, I know whatever they have it’s going to be the coolest little kid ever. Lastly, did anyone else think old Barney from Marshall’s imagination looked like Donald Trump?

Robin: I am on team Robin with this whole Becky thing. She is so annoying! Personally, I’m not a fan of girls that talk like babies for attention. I also felt like Ted betrayed Robin by going on a date with her. Once again Barney is there to talk to Robin when she’s feeling down. Do you think they are setting it up for those two to get back together? I think I say that every week, but I feel like it could happen.

Barney: Wow, I finally saw Barney’s un-sexy side in “Baby Talk”. It’s annoying when women use baby talk and it should be illegal for men to use it lol. I was so surprised that he ended up getting a girl that way. Challenge completed!

Ted: This was a boring episode for Ted. We didn’t learn anything new about his new building project and I don’t think anything is going to develop from his date with Becky (I hope not anyway). I feel like Ted is a little adrift this season. Hopefully we see him doing more next week.

Like I said, I really loved “Baby Talk”. The scenes between Marshall and his father were my favorite; what part was yours? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother.

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