DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode Five” Review

Downton Abbey (itv) "Episode 5"

DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode Five” Season 1- Downton Abbey meets Mrs Minniver this episode as the backstabbing reaches new heights. Mrs O’Brien tells Edith that Dasiy may know something about Mary and the Turkish gentleman’s death. Isobel tries to convince Violet that the jury at the flower show award her the winner’s cup as a matter of tradition and Sybil tries to help Gwen escape the life of a maid in Downton Abbey.

There is nothing better than a bitchfight involving Maggie Smith. Her inflections are just delicious: “But that is precicely what they already know. And do.” Her verbal slapdowns with Penelope Wilton provide some absolutely fantastic television:

Wilton’s Isobel: “I take that as a compliment.”
Maggie Smith’s Violet: “I must have said it wrong.”

Mrs Patmore’s kitchen becomes a warzone and Daisy is directly in her line of fire. I’m delighted to see more of Mrs Patmore, whom it turns out is going blind, which is why she flipped out when Cora asks her to try out a new desert.

Daisy: “I was only trying to help!”
Mrs Patmore: “Judas was only trying to help I suppose, when he brought the Roman soldiers to the garden!”

Meanwhile Mary and Edith are warring. Edith is so pathetic that despite her spitefulness, you cannot help but feel sorry for her. But because Edith is so spiteful, Mary’s unkindness to her is almost delightful as oppose to disgusting. Especially since there are consequences for both: Matthew Crowley refuses to play pupet to Mary’s pupeteer.

Though Gwen is once again rejected, Sybil promises to keep trying on her behalf.

Edith’s “she who laughs laugh, laughs longest” promises vengeance for episodes to come.

I love this show. I love they chose to set it in 1912, just as the world is about to change. Every character is delightfully real and filled with possibilities. Even though Bates and Anna’s relationship seems doomed, but isn’t it wonderful? Just like their slapdown of the wonderfully devious Mrs O’Brien and Thomas.

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