SUPERNATURAL “Live Free Or Twi-Hard” Review

Live Free

SUPERNATURAL “Live Free Or Twi-Hard” Season 6 Episode 5 – What did I learn for this week’s SUPERNATURAL? There’s a very good possibility that I would be turned into a vampire. …You know- if vampires were real.

“Live Free Or Twi-Hard” begins with “Kristen” and “Robert” and oh my goodness, if you’re a Twilight fan and that opening sequence didn’t make you laugh – you take those books and movies WAY too seriously.

Basically ripped directly from the pages of the Twilight series, we discover that, well, young girls are VERY naive and gullible, and are just really looking for a cuddly vamp all their own (cue where I’d be snack food; I’ve wanted a vampire boyfriend since before it was cool).

After a string of attacks, enter Sam and Dean. They find one vamp, which Sam gets rid of, and Dean is stuck with another vampire all his own. Since there is something VERY, VERY wrong with Sam (more on that later), he stands by watching as Boris bites his wrist and bleeds into Dean’s mouth.

Yep. He watches. What the hell Sam?! I understand that there will be answers for Sam’s strange behavior during this season next week, HOWEVER watching your brother turn into a monster, and SMILING about it? That is messed up.

Since I’m assuming everyone reading this SAW the episode, I’ll spare you more recap, and just get to my thoughts.

First of all: Judging by Dean’s reaction, being a vampire (I really hesitate to use this word…) sucks. Lamps are too bright, sounds are far too loud, and who really wants to hear blood pumping through people’s veins?

I LOVED that he went back to say goodbye Lisa, and also had a laugh out loud moment as he watched her sleep, considering he’d made a negative comment about that very thing at the beginning of the episode.

Lisa not answering her phone at the end of the episode leaves me to wonder if we’ve seen the last of her and Ben. I sincerely hope not as I LOVE that kid, but understand that, despite their best efforts, Dean and Lisa can never have the “normal” life that they want. And when a guy throws your son against a wall, whether he means to or not, those are grounds for a break up.

My theory on Sam just watching Dean and not helping goes a little something like this: He allowed Dean to drink the vampire blood so Dean would realize how much more powerful he could be while on it; much like Sam was when he was drinking demon blood. Why you ask? I’m not sure. But the look on his face showed that he was pretty happy with the Dean drinking vampire blood situation.

Samuel seems too interested in collecting “alphas” of all the species that they hunt, and he and Sam (Sam especially) seemed far too interested in questioning Dean about the vampire nest, rather than seeming concerned about him. I understand that they had the cure, and knew he’d be fine, but what if Dean WOULD have fed? They would’ve just cut his head off?

“Live Free Or Twi-Hard” as a whole, was an okay episode. I’m interested in more of the back story of what Sam was doing for the year he was back; and I think that this episode really left the door open for answers, since Dean remembers Sam watching him be poisoned by the vamp blood.

There were a few moments that made me laugh:

Kristin’s room decorated in all it’s Twilight-esque glory was WONDEFUL.

“Try Lautner.”
“He was a werewolf – how do you even KNOW who that is?!”
“That kid’s everywhere!”
“How many “T’s” in “Pattinson?”

Boris to Dean: “You’re pretty…” Because, let’s face it – he is. And who better to “recruit” young pretty girls to become vampires than Dean? He wouldn’t even have to work for that for crying out loud. Good plan, Boris. Good plan.

Dean after watching Lisa sleep: “Oh God, I’m Pattinson…”

So after that really LONG winded review – I’ll open the floor to comments. What did you think about Supernatural “Live Free Or Twi-Hard”?

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