SMALLVILLE “Isis” Review

Smallville "Isis" CW

SMALLVILLE “Isis” Season 10 Episode 5- The challenge for Clark Kent this week? De-Isis Lois. Yes, she’s done it again. Lois Lane has found herself in yet another situation where she must be rescued by those with much broader chests-though the costume designers went to all lengths to, erm, show us the full breadth of Lois’ chest. Yes, Lois wore a toga. Yes, the cleavage was impressive. Yes, somehow, defying all odds of lameness, this episode managed to be entertaining.

After four episodes of serious introspective on Clark Kent’s psyche and his battle with his father and destiny, Isis managed a pretty light hearted plot whislt bringing Tess back into the mix. I love Tess. I loved her when she first appeared, I honestly thought she was a goner at the end of season 9 and I was delighted that her facial surgery meant she would be sticking around.

I do not love Kat Grant, though I do sort of like her lines: “I will never understand Liberals,” she mutters, snapping a shot of Lois-Isis trying to raise an ancient Egyptian king through Clark’s trussed up body with a dead heart. I also loved the scene where Kat told Tess that Lois was the Blur.

Let’s give a round of applause for Erica Durance’s delivery of some otherwise career-ending lines. Okay, maybe I’m exagerating, they weren’t that bad. Well, maybe they were.

Tess has a heart to heart with Oliver. Finally, Oliver and Clark sort of embrace Tess into their gang and hand her the keys to watchtower. I wonder when she’s going to mention the boy Lex Luthor she has on her hands? Maybe then wasn’t the right time. It probably would have dampened the mood. Still, her relationship with the sprouting boy Lex is sweet. She even reads him Peter Pan. Oh, the irony. She’s doomed, isn’t she?

Let’s get to the big reveal. Clark finally told Lois that he was the Blur. YES! Finally! Six seasons in and Lois finally knows! How ridiculously sweet was their scene?

It’s a pity one of the best moments in the show’s history capped off the end to a pretty average (and utterly recycled-this is what, the fifth time Lois has been possessed?) episode.

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