SANCTUARY “Firewall” Review

Sanctuary Firewall

SANCTUARY “Firewall” Season 3 Episode 2 – This week’s episode of Sanctuary has Will still recovering from his death and life situation, Magnus dealing with the aftermath of the Kali incident and invisible intruders intent on probing Will’s mind.

This episode definitely gave a lot of time to showing what Will was going through. Apparently coming back from the dead wreaks havoc on the live body. Will cannot sleep and his temper is all over the place. Despite this, he is kept on the mission list and almost jeopardizes the capture of an abnormal by literally falling asleep at the wheel. Naturally, when invisible intruders sneak in to target Will, Dr. Magnus thinks he is suffering from hallucinations and paranoia. It is not long, however, until the team realizes that Will really saw something and it wasn’t just a nightmare. Once they find the device the intruders were using on Will’s head, Henry sets out to figure it out. Helen realizes that the intruders were after Will’s memories and figures if they can get the device to work, they can also find out what happened to Will when he went to the spirit realm. By sheer luck, or clumsiness on the part of Kate, they get the device to open. Once again Will offers to be a guinea pig and the device is used on him.

I thought that he would finally be able to tell Helen and the team what we saw happen in the spirit realm. I was not expecting for us to get to see more so that was certainly a bonus! Not only did we learn that the two beings that turned into earthquakes were somehow connected to Kali and quite possibly superabnormals themselves, but that it is possible they have been around a while and have avatars similar to Kali. Kate obtains information about a possible superabnormal turned volcano in 2005 in Indonesia. I know I saw Dr. Magnus’ eyes light up at the prospect. Will also saw Helen’s father in the spirit realm. He grabbed Will’s arm, burned some numbers and a symbol into them and said “for Helen.” Helen realizes the numbers correspond with birthday gifts she received from her father and soon a paperweight and an old book open up an entire city around them. It is miniature, but very real. The crew can touch it and move it. I wonder what it means and what it is designed to do.

Dr. Magnus also has to explain to the committee the fiasco that was Big Berth/Kali. She explains that Kali is content, there have been no other abnormal activities and that she believes all is well. The commiteee notes that she decided to save Kali on her own and without consulting them, but that she did so at the risk of her own life. Wexford wants her ousted as a leader, but apparently he no longer has a vote. Firing on a civilian boat will do that to you. So, for now, everyone is back on Dr. Magnus’ side where they belong.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Sanctuary? Were you surprised to see Gregory show up in the spirit realm? What do you think the purpose of the miniature city is? Who do you think sent the intruders and was it to gain knowledge of that technology? I am hoping that next week shows more of the abnormals since I am new and would like to see that storyline. Share your thoughts about this episode in the comments below.

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