THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Plan B” Season 1 Episode 6 Review – We open with a scene split between Elena and Stefan in bed, and Katherine and Hot Uncle Lockwood in bed. Not the same bed, natch. There’s a lot of getting hot and heavy, making promises, and ‘you don’t trust me’s, the last of which, of course, are between Katherine and Hot Uncle, because Elena and Stefan trust each other implicitly, obviously. Sigh.

There’s yet another community building event this week, when everyone descends to help paint the Lockwood house. Yes, another one. Stefan tells Jenna that he and Elena are taking a break. “That’s not what it sounded like to me,” she muses. Insert foreboding music here.

Bonnie talks to Elena about their friendship. I tuned out during this scene. Bonnie keeps getting holier than thou where vampires are involved, but she’s a witch. A witch. Not even a Wiccan witch, but a magical mystical mojo witch. Don’t throw stones when you’re standing on thin ice. Or something.

Jeremy goes to see Damon and tells him that he can get the moonstone from Tyler. He tries, and the brother’s Salvatore learn that Tyler’s given it to Hot Uncle. When Bonnie brushes Hot Uncle later on and sees a vision of him and Elena together, Stefan realises that it’s Katherine – and it’s her who wants the moonstone.

Bonnie takes down Hot Uncle with her mind juju. She and Damon bring him back to Casa Salvatore where Bonnie gets an impression of the moonstone being at a well. She sees Caroline and takes her along, texting Stefan on the way.

Jeremy’s been looking through a box of stuff Isobel’s assistant sent over and he’s found wolfsbane, which is like vervain for werewolves. Damon uses some to torture Hot Uncle, and not getting any more information from him, decides to kill him. Jeremy tries to stop him, but Damon threatens him and makes him leave. FYI, the threat didn’t seem that scary. It’s easy to see he has a soft spot for Jeremy.

Damon turns his attentions to Hot Uncle. “You know I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version.” “I love her,” Hot Uncle counters and Damon seems alternately bemused and sympathetic. “Katherine will only rip your heart out. Let me do it for her.” And then he does. RIP Hot Uncle Lockwood.

Meanwhile, Stefan goes to the well, Elena tagging along. He jumps in to look for the moonstone, but holy vervain, batman! Lots of the stuff, floating in the water and burning Stefan’s skin off. Caroline hears Elena’s shouts and rushes over, helping lower her into the well. Bonnie catches up, and they get Stefan out, but Elena stays behind to look for the moonstone. She finds it, but not before almost being bitten by snakes.

Stefan goes home and finds Damon wrapping up Hot Uncle’s body in a tarp. Then Damon, to Stefan’s annoyance, calls the last number on Hot Uncle’s phone. Katherine’s number. She’s surprised, but that turns to anger when she learns of Hot Uncle’s fate. “You’ve no idea what you’ve just done… Do you honestly believe I don’t have a plan B? And if that fails a plan C,” she continues on while Damon’s smile fades away.

Back at the Gilbert’s, Alaric and Jenna are preparing dinner and being all lovey-dovey. I’ve decided that no one should ever be allowed into the Gilbert house because it’s obviously built from the remains of the Love Boat. Elena gets home, the phone rings, and Jenna hands it to her silently. It’s Katherine. Jenna is under her compelled control. Remember earlier Jenna heard Elena and Stefan together? Yeah, Jenna told Katherine. Oops.

While Katherine talks, Jenna stabs herself in the stomach. She’s rushed to hospital and she’ll survive, but Jeremy is beyond pissed. Elena just sees it as proof that Katherine will never leave her and Stefan alone, and she breaks up with him in a scene that was genuinely heartbreaking. I don’t even like Elena/Stefan and I felt a little teary. As she leaves, Damon tells her that he riled up Katherine and that he “wasn’t thinking, I didn’t think.” She’s not even angry at him this time. Damon, however, looks broken.

The episode ends with Katherine telling someone she needs a new werewolf. It’s a compelled Matt – and she makes him promise to go after Tyler and never stop. Not until Tyler kills him.

Wow. While Caroline and Momma Cop have spent the episode making up, it only takes a minute or two for Elena and Stefan to break up. Do you think her lack of anger at Damon, and his guilt, may pave the way for them to get together? After all, there’s something between them, and Katherine probably wouldn’t object.

A better question: will a heartbroken Stefan give us Stefanus? We need a good-guy-gone-bad now that Damon’s (mostly) cleaned up his act.

Bonnie was back this week and, yet again, she’s being used for her abilities. Yeah, there was the friendship subplot, but why should we give a damn about Bonnie being upset when she’s barely even a character anymore? For me, Bonnie is still a deus ex machina, something that pops up when magic needs to be done. Give the gal a real storyline, writers!

Is anyone else thinking that the moonstone will be combined with a sun artifact to break the spell? After all, if the moonstone holds the key to the werewolf curse, there has to be something holding the key to the vampire-sun weakness. Will the back half of season 2 be a quest for that artifact?

Overall, a great episode that opens up a new chapter in book 2 of The Vampire Diaries. I look forward to seeing where the next episode takes us.

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