THE GOOD GUYS “Old Dogs” Review

The Good Guys (FOX) Old Dogs

THE GOOD GUYS “Old Dogs” Season 1 Episode 14 – Jack’s con man uncle Nate claims to be the sole witness to an arson in the “Old Dogs” episode of THE GOOD GUYS, but since he was actually an accessory, Dan and Liz decide he should be part of a sting to bring down the arsonist, much to Jack’s dismay.

Jack is less than happy when he finds Nate (Hi, Ed Begley, Jr.!) in his apartment, and who can blame him given the dog thing. Poor Snifter. It’s fun to see Jack so completely off-balance about someone other than Dan and we get a little (sniffly) Jack backstory to boot. Liz and Dan conspiring is surreal, and Liz playing Jack is not cool, but it does make for a funny scene (“Wanna drink about it?”) and I love how the story plays out. Dan knows a con man when he sees one, so he protects Jack. “Stay the hell away from my partner. He’s my family now.” That note and the long-overdue Jack-Dan hug are more than a little touching.

Julius is in the episode, and as awesome as ever, only now he’s also a mindgamer. Oh, Dan, how could you sic Kenny “Light his own eyebrows on fire” Griffin (aka he who must not be named lest Julius not fist-bump you anymore) on Julius? “Oh dang, I messed up.” “This is a violation of my rights–my right to privacy and my rights to not be burned alive.” Terrific scene at the bar where a scrambling and panicked Julius totally confuses Kenny. Method Man is both menacing and funny as Kenny, which is a bonus. “Any surprises come my way, I’ll burn you like a Ball Park frank.” Plus he wants to save the turtles in a random bit of goodness.

We meet a new lab tech, Samantha, and she’s reasonably funny, but she disappears, so I’m not sure what to make of her We’ll see if she comes back. More interesting is Dan’s new shotgun-toting girlfriend, whom Kenny was trying to force out of her home. Line of the night from an immediately smitten Dan: “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Of course, protective Dan is good, too: “I will solve this heinous crime and I will protect your person personally. I’m gonna protect your socks off.”

Bradley Whitford (rightfully) gets a lot of praise for his showy performance as Dan, but Colin Hanks deserves some love, too. His reaction shots are priceless and he has perfected the sardonic tone. “If that isn’t a Hallmark card, I don’t know what is” and “I’d feel a lot safer if you close your robe” are both awesome lines perfectly delivered. It’s not easy being the straight man and Hanks already does a great job and he keeps getting better each week.

This week’s bit of Dan wisdom: “Only thing I know for sure is that you never know what’s going to happen for sure.” Other random funnies: Hodges being handed plates of food at the party because he`s dressed like a waiter, “Allen wrench loving crap,” “I don’t have a watch on, so I don’t know where you are,” “Bad dude! You’re a very bad dude! Good Jack,” “‘You skinny-dipped with my uncle?’ `In the course of justice, yes I did,'” and the party plan involving getting shrimp and circling around for mini hot dogs.

The Good Guys consistently delivers fun episodes, and “Old Dogs” takes it one step further by adding a touch of emotion. Well done, show.

What did you think of the episode?

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