James Roday and Dule Hill Talk PSYCH and the Psych College Tour

PSYCH - James Roday and Dule Hill

PSYCH is hitting the road. Starting Monday, October 25, the USA series is going to visit ten college campuses across the country, bringing Psych-themed activities and prizes to each campus. Fans will get to watch an advanced sneak peak of the show’s fall season premiere, “Extradition II: The actual Extradition Part” and show creator/writer/executive producer Steve Franks will be at each campus along with another member of the Psych writing team. There will be a moderated talent question and answer session along with interactive show trivia and premium giveaways (prizes include fully loaded iPads and collectibles), and James Roday (Shawn) and Dule Hill (Gus) will appear at some of the colleges. Non-college students are welcome at the events and the PSYCH College Tour will visit the following campuses (one more college will be announced later):

Monday 10/25: The University of Florida
Thursday 10/28: The University of Oregon
Monday 11/1: The University of Georgia
Tuesday 11/2: Boston University
Wednesday 11/3: The University of Texas at Austin
Thursday 11/4: The University of California, Santa Barbara (PSYCH’s fictional home town
Monday 11/8: Arizona State University and The University of Michigan
Tuesday 11/9: Northwestern University

Daemon’s TV was there when James Roday and Dule Hill answered questions about the Psych College Tour, what we can expect in the second half of Psych‘s fifth season, the upcoming Twin Peaks tribute episode, and the grassroots campaign to get James and Dule on Saturday Night Live. There are plenty of teasers and at least one potential (mild) spoiler.

On the Psych College Tour

According to James, he and Dule were not involved in the selection of colleges to visit, but they made it clear they were “super-enthusiastic” about it and were up for anything. He also said that while they can’t make it to every college, they hope to surprise as many as they can.

When asked what college activities they want to participate in, Dule said, “If anyone offers me a shot, I’ll take a shot.” and that “I’m hoping one of these schools will offer me an honorary degree.”

James joked, “I was really hoping to get in on some final exams, maybe write a couple of essays.’

On the campaign to get James and Dule to host SNL

There is a Facebook page and Twitter hash tag (#PsychOutSNL) dedicated to convincing SNL to ask James and Dule to host and both men said they were flattered by the effort and think it would be a fun time. James made the pledge that if the fans make this happen, they will be funny hosts.

When asked what skit they would most want to do on SNL, both James and Dule said they would love to do one of Andy Samberg’s Digital Shorts. James added, “with singing,” and Dule said he already has a good idea of what they could do.

James promised that if they hosted and David Bowie were the musical guest, he would ask Bowie live on stage to guest star on Psych.

On what we can expect in the second half of the season

James called the second half of the season “fully loaded” in terms of guest stars. Cary Elwes returns as Despereaux in the fall premiere on November 10, and both Ralph Macchio and Mena Suvari will guest star. Tony Cox will be in the Christmas-themed episode, which James said finds the characters doing lots of things they wouldn’t normally do.

Psych is currently shooting an episode where Shawn and Gus must defend a polar bear (it’s Andy Berman’s directorial debut) and Dule said that they will soon be shooting with an actual polar bear and he expects to have to ask, “How will we shoot this scene with this bear in front of my face?”

The Yin Yang trilogy will wrap up this season and Ally Sheedy, Cybill Shepherd, and (most interestingly to me since his character Mary died), Jimmi Simpson will all appear in the episode.

James also teased thee will be an episode where Shawn and Gus go through police training because of all the sloppy police work they do.

On Shawn and Juliet

According to James, the Shawn and Juliet situation “resolves itself quickly in the mid-season premiere and then we’ll see where it goes from there.” Talking about what happens when shows have had a long term will they or won’t they storyline, he added, “To our credit, we wanted to do our own version of a traditional thing that happens on shows.” James thinks Psych is doing a good job addressing the fact that Shawn and Juliet have been pining for each other for years, and he wryly remarked, “Luckily there’s lots and lots of examples of what not to do out there on other shows.”

On Gus’ love life

Dule said, “Near the end of the season, Gus will have an infatuation with a relative of Lassiter’s, so you know that’s not going to go well.”

On the Twin Peaks tribute episode

Most importantly, James wants people to either watch or record the first airing of the episode on Wednesday, December 1 because it is supersized with eight extra minutes of footage that will not be included in subsequent airings.

The episode came about because Twin Peaks is James’ all-time favorite show and at the end of the first season, he went to Steve Franks and said he wanted to do a tribute episode. Steve immediately got on board, but it has taken four years for Psych to build up the momentum and be in a place where they could do it right. According to James, who called the episode “a fan boy’s dream,” it was worth the wait. “It came out way better than I think it would have if we had done it earlier.” Admitting his bias, since he did co-write the episode, James still gushed, “I’ve never been prouder of anything we’ve done on Psych.”

On who’s in and out of the Twin Peaks episode

James said they started with a wish list of seven Twin Peaks actors they wanted and only two of the list (Michael Ontkean and Madchen Amick) couldn’t appear, but they got two others to appear in their stead. Appearing will be: Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, Ray Wise, Robyn Lively, Lenny Von Dohlen and Catherine Coulson

When asked why Kyle MacLachlan or Lara Flynn Boyle weren`t asked to appear in the episode, James said that they didn’t ask MacLachlan because Agent Cooper was too iconic a character and because, as we’ll see in the episode, “Shawn and Gus become Agent Cooper.” Boyle, who didn’t appear in the Twin Peaks movie, wasn’t asked because they wanted the episode to be a “big love fest” and only asked the people they thought seemed most connected to the show and would have the most fun.

The Psych fall season premiere airs on USA Wednesday, November 10 at 10pm/9 central. You can find all our Psych coverage here.

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