ITS ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Mac’s Mom House Burns Down” Review


ITS ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Mac’s Mom House Burns Down” Episode 6 Season 6 – So Mac won last night’s episode. Actually, I think this is Mac’s season, as his character starts to evolve into a highly likable person, even when he’s protesting gay marriage, while others are devolving into darker and creepier folks, like Dennis. Mac’s love his mother is quite endearing, and great deal more understandable than his love of Charles Grodin. Well actually I love Grodin as well and when others talk bad about him I school them just as quickly as Mac does. So, Mac’s mom burned her house down and Charlie’s mom was driving him crazy ever since his touchy Uncle finally left, so the quick thinkers decided to get their moms together, like a 2010 Philadelphia style “Golden Girls.”

On the other side of the bar, Dennis and Dee are battling over who WON’T be taking care of Frank when he gets all old. Dee, who is getting psyched for her upcoming backstage adventure with Artemis at a Josh Groban concert. Frank is terrified that neither of his “kids” will watch out for him and he’ll get raped in a nursing home shower. Anyone else notice how preoccupied the Paddy’s gang is with rape? It might be bordering on a terrifying level, but in a bizarre way it’s the only show that manages to joke about every awful subject and maintain their grace, in a way. Dennis convinces Frank to semi-kidnap Dee and make her need him, so eventually Dee will feel for Frank and help him out. In the end Dennis just wanted to be left out of the final equation. Golden Girls, OCD behavior and a never dying dog named Poppins filled out the rest of last night’s episode.

This season has been just a bit uneven in tone, bordering on super dark in some areas and this embracing of family life and love. Mac, as I said before, has really been sort of the star of this go around. Dee has been taking a backseat to hiding her pregnancy, so we are getting less of her impressive physical comedy, so in other words can we introduce this element to the show and give Dee a storyline? I mean if Poppin can survive a few days over at Franks, surely we can find something better for Dee to do other than just fill out weak episodes right?