GREY’S ANATOMY “Almost Grown” Review

GREY'S ANATOMY "Almost Grown"

GREY’S ANATOMY “Almost Grown” Season 7 Episode 5 – This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy found the Chief promoting all of the residents to attending physicians for one day and soliciting presentations from the attendings for a $1 million dollar grant.

The Chief definitely turns the hospital on its head and shakes things up with the one day promotion of the residents that leaves the attendings sitting back on the sidelines. He also promotes competition between the attendings for a $1 million dollar grant. Where that money is going to come from is still unknown, but the Chief msyteriously tells Bailey at the end of the episode that things are going to start looking different around Seattle Grace in the next couple of weeks. I can hardly wait!

The promotion of the residents led to some interesting medical cases. Karev performed surgery on a boy with breasts to remove them while fighting the boy’s mother the entire way. Meredith performed successful neurosurgery on a brain bleed. Not to get too technical, but even with their fake promotions, wouldn’t one have to have a bit more of a history of specialized skills to jump right into neurosurgery? April and Yang have a man who desperately needs a lung transplant but his bloodwork does not make him the best candidate. It is only then that Yang is brought back to life, professionally speaking. Throughout the episode Yang was acting in her typical zombie way, not participating and not answering any questions. She overheard Teddy telling Bailey that she was no better than a resident. However, when April convenes a panel to discuss whether or not their patient is a good candidate for a lung transplant, Yang finally awakens to side with the patient and against April. Teddy commends Yang for finally acting like a doctor. Hopefully this will spark Yang to start doing something, even if it is small. Seeing her just wandering around the hospital aimlessly when we know her skills is sad.

The only resident not promoted was Lexi as she was not fourth year. She decided that made her Chief Resident, mostly because she was the only resident. Even though she was run ragged and was exhausted at the end of the episode, she also did quite well. She recognized the neuro problem with the patient in for knee surgery that ended up with the brain bleed and called for a consult. She got Meredith because Derek was too busy, but in the end it all worked out. Can someone tell me what kind of hospital only has one neurosurgeon on board? I believe it was Teddy that told the Chief that their neuro department was a one man show. No kidding. When you have to have a resident perform a solo brain bleed surgery, it might be time to invest in another surgeon.

While all of the surgeries were happening, the individual attendings were making presentations to the Chief to score the $1 million grant for their department. Callie’s strategy was to try to psych everyone out so she was in the best position. That might have worked if not for her totally lackluster presentation. After the Chief tells her that he was expecting something more inspirational from her, she launches into lebianism and how Arizona is a better lesbian than she. The Chief asks incredulously “You want me to give ortho a million dollars to level the playing field of your love life?” Callie wasn’t the only one to blow the presentation. Arizona, after being commended for her professional speech, then launched into how she is known to be a doctor that cries and then declares she wants to perform acts of violence. Sloan proposes that his department should get the money because he isn’t currently sleeping with anyony and has a lot of extra energy as a result. Teddy launches into a tirade about how much she cannot stand Derek. Derek wants to put it toward a clinical trial to determine genetics as to certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He sadly tells the Chief that everytime Meredith loses her keys or forgets what day it is, he wonders. This was particularly haunting because at the end of the episode, Meredith asks where her keys are while they are in her hands as Derek looks on tortured.

In the end Owen’s trauma department gets the money probably because he was the most impassioned and left the personal stuff out. The other doctors seem baffled, hurt and disappointed. Only Arizona and Teddy can offer slight nods and smiles toward him. Derek looked like he wanted to take Owen down. At least that is what it looked like to me.

What did you think about this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Which department did you think deserved the grant? Where do you think the money is going to come from? Will Derek and Meredith’s marriage survive his constant worry that she might have Alzheimer’s? Are they really even married? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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