BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Not Without My Jacket” Review

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS) Not Without My Jacket
BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Not Without My Jacket” Episode 5 – It was another hit-and-miss outing from BLEEP MY DAD SAYS in “Not Without My Jacket.” Ed has the family up at 5 a.m. to go to the local farmer’s market. Henry is drinking out of dad’s coffee cup, a no-no it seems and “against the rules.” Later, at the market, Henry’s trying to get a date with flower seller Shelley when dad sees he has one of his shirts on….and makes him take it off. This leads to one of the funniest line of the night: “rules aren’t like kids; you can’t get rid of them when they become a pain in the ass.”

Meanwhile, at the market, there are awkward moments between Bonnie and one of Henry’s pals, Josh, a paramedic. It turns out they’d slept together once before Bonnie and Vince were a couple. Later, Henry’s looking for his baseball jacket and it turns out Ed had lent it once -violating those rules about someone else’s stuff – to Josh, who in turn had used it trying to save someons’ life, only the guy didn’t make it. Ed finds out where the funeral’s taking place, introduces himself by first name and the late man’s daughter think’s he’s “the Ed” from her father’s life. Vague comments make Ed think he was gay, until it turns out “Ed” is supposed to be the dead man’s AA sponsor. It’s an open-casket funeral and the man, is laid out in Henry’s jacket. Ed manages to get it and on the way out the real other Ed shows up. Henry’s there too, since he found out from Josh dad had broken his own rule with the jacket thing, but Ed doesn’t seem him as flower girl Shelley did the arrangements and thinks Henry’s dad belongs at the funeral and wants to comfort Henry at his time of loss – a chance for Henry to get some. As far as the old Bonnie-Josh thing goes, she insists Josh was a dead fish kisser and Vine plants one on him to find out.

So, “Not Without My Jacket” was hardly a stellar hoo-hah episode for Bleep My Dad Says, which has been picked up by CBS for a full season. A lot of the comedy was bizarro situation time squirmy more than anything else, plus TV has seen, ah, far funnier funerals. And the zingers and other bits (like last week’s karaoke from Ed) were sorely missing. Wiliam Shatner and Jonathan Sadowski have certainly found some timing between them in father-son roles, but Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan as Vince and Bonnie still seem underused. Next week, it’s Ed versus a neighbor. Haven’t we heard that before, too? The writers should really go back to the source material – all those tweets from Justin Halperin quoting his dad and build some stories around that.