30 ROCK “Reaganing” Review

30 ROCK "Reaganing" NBC

30 ROCK “Reaganing” Season 5 Episode 5- Jack has not done a single wrong thing in almost twenty four hours, an accomplishment apparently called ‘Reaganing’. His mission is to solve every problem coming his way (“I have to talk to Rachel Maddow. Only one of us can have this haircut”), but nothing could prepare him for Liz and her sex issues. Tracey is needed for some community work and Kenneth, Jenna and Kelsey Grammer set up the devious Best Friends Gang.

Tracey had to shoot a commercial as part of his community service. I think I was more impressed by the children doing stunts than I was by the comic antics. The more interesting side effects of his incapability to learn off the lines lead to a huge traffic jam which found Liz and Jack stuck in traffic. “I see when you chew your nails like that it’s either because you’re anxious or you were handling ham earlier.” Jack observes. Liz reveals that she is going to break up with Carol.

Jack tells her it is a bad idea, and even reassures her that Carol’s inability to perform is no reason to break up with him: “That does happen to men, I’ve faced it myself…with Greta van Susteren before her head transplant.” But Liz reveals that Carol is not the one unable to perform. “It’s like Fort Knox down there.” The look of abject horror on Jack’s face was priceless as the limo driver said: “I’m just going to raise the barrier if that’s okey dokey with everyone.”

She tries to justify it: “I’m sorry I’m a real woman and not some oversexed New York nympho like those sluts on Everybody Likes Raymond” but Jack soon prods the source of her fear back to her childhood.

Apparently Liz, when she was younger and sporting a special haircut (“Everybody thought was a Dorothy Hamill but was actually a Pete Rose”) had some issues of the Tom Jones-roller blading nature. This traumatic experience (besides being one of the funniest flashbacks 30 Rock has ever done) left her with a fear of sex (I believe it’s called erotophobia.)

As Jack tries to ‘fix her’ and maintain his Reaganing streak, Jenna and Kenneth pursue a life of crime and Arizona double backs by cheating cake makers. They even enlist the help of Kelsey Grammer: “Isn’t it Frasier?” “No, it’s Frajer. And I should know, I’m Frajer.” but Kenneth pulls out of the gang after they’re antics cause people to get hurt: “I just got fired ’cause Kelsey Grammer scammed me.”

All in all, an excellent episode of 30 Rock. I loved the flashback montages to Liz’s references to sex, and Jenna’s Macey’s Day Parade em…spooning. Kelsey Grammer playing a con man version of himself was hilarious and Liz dashing out of Newark airport when she realizes she meant JFK was brilliant.

What did you think of the episode? Have any favorite lines? Sound off in the comments below!

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