UNDERCOVERS “Not Without My Daughter” Review

Undercovers "Not Without My Daughter"

UNDERCOVERS “Not Without My Daughter” Season 1 Episode 5- It is Liz’s 90 day sober party which sounds like a lot of fun. Not. Steven and Samantha are headed to San Fransisco to celebrate their first date. Is Liz not just a little curious about their frequent trips?

Anyhow, across the globe a ninja guy broke into Lab C and stole a MacGuffin. What this MacGuffin is, I don’t care. The ninja/scientist/father sends his daughter away for her protection. He decides to stay North Korea.

Steven and Samantha are sent to Geneva to facilitate the defection of the ninja/scientist/father. Steven Bloom tries to learn some physics but he gets swamped by chemistry (heh-that was my own joke. Geddit? No? Okay, let’s continue).

Shin Won (the ninja/scientist/father)’s partner gives him up after some persuasive dentistry work. The Blooms intercept Shin Won who wants to modify the conditions for his defection. He then demands that they get his daughter. I cannot remember hearing that the CIA were so sappy. Are they really going to risk nuclear war for Shin Won’s daughter, or longterm imprisonment. How about just good ole CIA torturing? Or is that a policy Undercovers has ignored?

May, Shin Won’s daughter, is in the capital. The Blooms go undercover as Canadian security something or others. Just before she is arrested May writes something on the floor of a bathroom.

The Blooms lose their tour guide and they run into another husband-wife team from the French intelligence. Have I mentioned that I find this completely ridiculous? No? Well, I find this entire episode completely ridiculous.

They break May out of prison-until the French couple double cross them. The French are not as noble as the CIA. They contact Shin Won who goes to meet the French at a train station in Geneva.

Anyhow, it’s Sam versus the French woman and Steven (and Hoyt) versus the French dude. Sam saves Shin Won and May, Steven gets the MacGuffin, and everyon is dandy.

Except Liz. Sort of.

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