Robert Englund to Guest Star on SUPERNATURAL

Robert Englund–AKA A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s original Freddy Krueger–will guest star on the December 10 episode of Supernatural.

“Hunters often find themselves in situations where they need medical attention but can’t exactly stroll into an ER,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells Michael Ausiello. “Robert plays an unlicensed doc who makes his living stitching folks up on the down low. One of our guys goes to him with a life-or-death problem.”

As we previously reported, Englund will appear on Chuck‘s Halloween-themed episode, which airs on October 25.

Englund seems to be in high demand to guest star on TV these days, and with good reason. Remember his stint as a creepy janitor on Bones last year? **shudder**

So what do you think of this news? What do you think the “life-or-death” problem will be?

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