CRIMINAL MINDS “Safe Haven” Review


CRIMINAL MINDS “Safe Haven” Season 6 Episode 5- We open up with the murder of the Bennet family: husband, wife and two children. The husband and wife are stabbed, the husband’s organs removed, the children are just strangled. Lovely.

Meanwhile Ellie returns, flying across the country to escape from her foster family.

The BAU team soon deduce that the family knew their murderer; they made food for him. The wives suffer the most, physically and psychologically. Both families were involved in religious and volunteering activities, so they were ‘good’ people. The problem: the man had to be someone both families knew incredibly well for them to have left him alone with their children.

Guess who fits that description: a reverend. Next scene, a reverend picks up a young teenage boy. But in a completely unexpected twist, the boy turns out to be the killer. Why he killed the reverend was never resolved: his target were families.

As the BAU team give their diagnosis, the scenes intercut with scenes of him choosing his next victim: a woman with two children. He manages to talk his way into their home.

Morgan tries to get Ellie transferred to child services in Virginia. Her foster family did not even realize she was missing and eventually Morgan has Garcia try to find Ellie’s mom.

As they try to find the boy who may fit their profile, they narrow down to unwanted teenage boys dropped off in hospitals. When Jeremy, the boy murderer, kidnaps the mother so she can drive him to his mother’s house, the mother who abandoned him.

Jeremy goes to his house, where he has his little sister, whose arm he broke. Before any harm can come to his sister or mother (well, any more harm) Morgan and Prentiss arrive to save them.

Ellie’s mother is found. Ellie sort of reminds me of Creepy Glen from Mad Men. Anyways, after confronting her mother (in front of Ellie, really?) Morgan judges her until she pulls out a book to show that she never stopped thinking about her daughter, which is still a little ridiculous. It’s all tears and smiles. Blergh.

Another solid if not stellar episode of Criminal Minds. What did you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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