COUGAR TOWN “Keeping Me Alive” Review

COUGAR TOWN "Keeping Me Alive"

COUGAR TOWN “Keeping Me Alive” Season 2 Episode 5 – In this week’s episode of Cougar Town, Smith and Laurie break up, Allie guilts Bobby into not accepting alimony from Jules anymore and Allie finally has to admit she is just as dumb as the cul-de-sac crew.

Allie believes that she is smarter than the rest of the cul-de-sac crew who find great joy in playing the Penny Can game where you try to toss a penny into a can. She probably started to believe she was smarter than them when they declared Mexico an island because it is surrounded by water and has beaches. The rest of the crew thinks she is wrong and sets out to prove that she is one of them. They finally get her with questions about a famous architect, where Afghanistan is located and the definition of a bond. Jules, Andy and Grayson chant “one of us” in Allie’s face. Later, Travis tells Allie that he and she have the toughest jobs because they have to pretend to feel superior and better than the others.

During the Penny Can Truth Game, Allie teases Bobby about the fact that he still collects alimony from Jules. Bobby consults Andy regarding his finances and decides he will not take anymore alimony from Jules. In fact, he throws a no more alimony party where Jules serves margaritas with crushed aspirin on the rim of the glasses. It is at the party that Jules finds out from Andy that Bobby gave up his health insurance to be able to live without the alimony. Of course she finds this out moments before Bobby jumps into the pool only to land on his shoulder on the cement. Feeling guilty, Jules offers him a job with her so she has a way to give him money. However, she doesnt really want him working there and just wants to give him busy work. Left to his own devices though, Jules comes back to find the office filled with people drinking beers with her face on it and destroying the place. “Jules Cobb – Drink Me In” is Bobby’s slogan. Jules finally admits that she likes that Bobby needs her, but that she doesn’t need him. Bobby wonders if Jules will ever forgive him for what he did to her and their marriage.

Meanwhile Smith and Laurie break up and Smith’s dad watches her collect her stuff in a box while alternating between cutting jabs and fake niceties. The crew is worried that Laurie will have a melt down as she was truly in love with Smith. However, she and Smith continue to hang out, play pranks on the gang and eventually have sex. Laurie thinks thier new relationship is great mostly because it is their old relationship. Smith then breaks the news that they really shouldn’t have sex anymore. Laurie still holds it together until Andy and Grayson finally get her comfortable enough to break down by doing a Good Will Hunting imitation complete with Boston accent. Laurie admits that she is heartbroken and laments “Why won’t he love me?” in the saddest voice.

I pretty much gave up on Cougar Town in the middle of the first season. Courtney Cox’s character grated on me and I felt the humor was forced. However, since it comes on right after my Wednesday line up, I have found myself actually watching it again. Jules is a lot less forced and crazed and actually a bit funny now. The cast also seems to meld well. Maybe it is the familiarity and the knowledge that they are still on the air or maybe it is better writing, but I am enjoying the show more now. My favorite character by far is Travis. I found him to be the only redeeming thing in Season 1 and he is living up to my expectations this season as well. I must have a thing for witty sarcastic teenage characters in TV shows.

What did you think of this episode of Cougar Town? What was your favorite moment or one liner? My favorite line was when Travis and Allie were so baffled that everyone thought Mexico was an island and Travis says “but we drove there.” Share your thoughts about the show in the comments below.

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