AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Francesco Carrozzini” Review

America's Next Top Model "Francesco Carrozzini" (CW)

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Francesco Carrozzini” Cycle 15 Episode 7- With Kacey gone home the models are upset-not exactly. With some of the bigger loudmouths gone, the quieter models get more screentime.

The girls are brought to the Grammy museum and offered to become Grammy girls-the girls who hand out the Grammys. Things take a turn of events when the girls are paired up and set to choose their partner’s outfit. Kayla picks an outfit for Liz that completely goes against what she wanted-she goes more rock instead of ballgown. One by one the girls go in front of Jay and the Grammy guy.

Chelsea is incredibly frustrated with Ann, who picked out a ridiculously ugly outfit for her.

In the end, Kayla is the Grammy girl. She bursts into tears. Of course.

Their challenge is to pose as a fashion designer with an actual model. It is Liz’s best shoot. Chris brings an unreal amount of enery. Kendal looks blank-she has a snarl on her face the entire time. Jane is unable to pose like a man. Esther is disappointing to shoot with as a guy.

Out of the eight girls, only seven will continue to become America’s Next Top Model.

As Vivien Westwood, Kayla is praised for giving one of her best shots. Liz is praised for her adroginy. Chelsea is missing some charm, but otherwise her photo is praised. Esther flopped at the challenge. Jane is aslo criticized. No one was as terrible as Kendal, who is a noun but not a verb. the judges once again praise her and Tyra tells her she looks like Oliver Twist. In an English accent. Chris’ photo is praised.

So the best photo goes to Liz, breaking Ann’s streak, finally! Kayla gets second and Ann is third.

The bottom two are Esther and Kendall. The girl sent home is Kendall, the colt, who did not put in enough effort. Or snarled too much.

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