THE GOOD WIFE “Cleaning House” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Cleaning House"

THE GOOD WIFE “Cleaning House” Season 2 Episode 4- A package is being delivered. A very big package for a very small USB containing the recordings of Childs’ desposition finds its way into the hands of the press.

Alicia finds herself possibly facing a disbarrment hearing, though this really is nothing like Miss Krosier, who casually draws hearts in the margins of her legal pad while listening to a man speaking about his fiance’s death. Miss Krosier takes over from Alicia and in her deceptive sweet girl manner she anihilates the prosecution. The case, a concert stampede with joint defense, is yet another addition to the line-up of stellar, unpredictable cases the episodes hinge plots around. When the bubbly not-so-innocent Krosier threatens Alicia’s turf, Alicia slams her down like a fly and ends up getting her client to pay $2 out of the three million sued. Burn.

Somehow, someway,Kalinda managed to further cement herself as the most awesome character not just on The Good Wife, but in all of television. She did this by taking a bat to Blake’s car, leaving a kiss print on his rear view mirror. Their confrontation was steamy. Apparently, as hard as he looked, he could not find anything about her past. Kalinda had him owned.

Meanwhile, Eli finds himself his own Rita Skeeter and does some investigating of his own, which leads to an Alicia and Cary face-off. Seriously, the writers on this show are awesome.

Cary carries out an interrogation on Alicia in order to hurt Peter. Will, as her council, steps in to defend her. Cary was so delectable in that scene.

Things take a turn as Wendy Scott Carr, the lovely manipulative woman from Childs’ deposition, becomes the third nominee for state attorney. Things just got a million times juicier.

Personally, I thought this was the best episode yet, if not ever, of The Good Wife. There is a reason this is my favorite television show. What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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