TERRIERS “Missing Persons” Review

Terriers (FX)

TERRIERS “Missing Persons” Season 1 Episode 7 – Hank and Britt come across a kid with amnesia and decide to help out. Taking him to a doctor friend, they find out that he’s taken anti-malaria meds and the side effects could have caused the memory loss. They keep hunting for his identity, even taking him to Hank’s old partner on the police force and scanning his prints to see if anything comes up. There the kid sees a poster for a missing girl and suddenly runs off. They manage to come up with a name and, going to his house, are shocked to find the same girl, tied up in the basement.

Turns out the medication made Adam things he would never do, like buying a plane ticket to Cambodia for a girl in his study class so they could see a sacred temple there. She wasn’t thrilled and he lost control. Now that he remembers what he’s done, he wants to get rid of the monster inside. So he takes another girl hostage hoping that the police will blow him away, but Hank is able to talk him down.

Meanwhile tensions are rising between Britt and Katie now that she’s slept with someone and is trying to hide it from him. Hank also has problems at home when Steph’s illness makes her hallucinate and she begins to wonder what’s real and what’s not.

My favorite bits…

Hank and Steph doing matching imitations of their mom after getting into a mini foodfight. So cute.

Britt thinking that the engagement ring in the house was giving off signals to Katie.

The poor kid so confused he doesn’t even know how to do his own hair.

Hank asking the waitress for the kid’s social security number.

Hank telling the story of how Steph started getting sick. The part about no one noticing she was gone until after two days is what really killed me.

The boys taking their charge to the ice cream doctor man. Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

Britt drilling the kid on all the stuff he did and did not remember.

The way Hank and Britt no each other so well that they can fight and make up so quickly afterwards.

Hank saying he would never be patronizing to Britt, only condescending.

Cracking up when Britt said they didn’t have monkeyshit to go on. Hilarious.

Hank convincing Britt to stay on the case when he told them they were going to have to interview some hot college girls.

The chick tweeting Britt’s joke “Confucius say man who walk backwards through turnstile is going to Bangkok”

Steph asking Katie if she was really there.

Hank telling Adam that he didn’t know what crazy was because what he had was going to go away but there were others out there who were never going to get better.

Britt protesting that he was not a sidekick.

Steph asking Hank if he could let her go for a little while.

Hank taking it harder than Steph when she moved into the home.

Overall a very serious episode of Terriers and I liked it. I’m not afraid to admit that my heart strings were tugged a few times, especially in the very last scene as Hank and Steph said goodbye. I’m getting very worried for Britt and Katie’s relationship and I’m wondering how much longer she can keep following Hank’s advice. The lie has got to be killing her inside.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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