SONS OF ANARCHY “Widening Gyre” Review

Sons of Anarchy

SONS OF ANARCHY “Widening Gyre” Season 3 Episode 7 – Allegiances are forged and broken in this week’s episode, which is set the day after episode 6 and fills the hours until SAMCRO head off to Belfast.

Gemma worries about going to jail, but Jax tries to reassure her that it won’t happen. She warns him what the club will do if they find out about his deal with Stahl, but he brushes it off. Clay comes to see her and they decide she needs to call Maureen Ashby to see what she knows about Abel’s location. She does this alone, telling Maureen that Jax doesn’t know about John’s time in Belfast. “Neither does my Trini,” Maureen replies. When Gemma asks what her daughter has to do with anything, a bomb is dropped. Trinity Ashby is John Teller’s daughter.

Meanwhile, one of the Grim Bastards has been murdered. Everyone suspects Salazar, the leader of that small Lodi MC has something to do with it. SAMCRO meet up with the Mayans to discuss the situation and Alvarez takes Salazar and two of his men aside. After being threatened by both Alvarez and Clay, Salazar admits his Sergeant of Arms was the actual murderer. He’s killed, Salazar is kicked out of the MC, and leadership is passed to a young club member. And that, it seems, is that.

That morning, Tara caught Jax with Ima. Later, he goes home to find Tara packing and tells her to stay a while, as he won’t be home anyway. She tells him that Gemma thinks he’s pushing her away for her own protection, but she’s not so sure. He assures her that’s the real reason. “We both know nothing’s going to happen to me,” Tara says before leaving. But outside, watching her go, is Salazar and his girlfriend. “Now we know where to find her,” Salazar says.

Hospital Administrator Margaret Murphy tries to get Gemma to convince Tara to end her ties with SAMCRO, but is threatened for her troubles. Tara helps Gemma escape from the hospital and plans to tell the FBI that she was threatened at gunpoint. Murphy sees through this and is furious, so Tara explains to her about Abel’s kidnap. In response, Murphy punches her in the face (“They’ll never believe Gemma didn’t slug you.”) and backs up her story to the FBI.

Gemma meets up with Jax, Clay and Tig outside the hospital, but Unser spots them. He tells them he can’t let them get away this time, and even goes so far as to pull a gun on them. But Gemma gets in his face, asking if he could really shoot her. They leave in the towtruck – and Unser immediately calls for backup.

They don’t drive far before they get to Tara’s car. Tig tells them to take it and go, he’ll distract the cops. They say their goodbyes and Tig drives off to provide a decoy – and start a police chase – while the others drive to the hanger where the rest of SAMCRO is waiting. They say goodbye to Piney and walk across the tarmac toward the waiting cargo plane.

Clay calls Kevin McGee, president of the Belfast charter to confirm arrangements for their arrival. They both know nothing good can come of Jimmy O catching wind of the visit, so Clay promises him to silence. But as soon as the phonecall ends, Jimmy O’s car pulls up. McGee tells him that SAMCRO will be here tomorrow evening. “You ready for ’em?” Jimmy asks. “They won’t be here long.”

This was a great episode of Sons of Anarchy that set up conflicts for SAMCRO to deal with both during and after their trip to Ireland. While they’re walking into a trap, Salazar is sure to make a move on Tara soon.

We can assume that Tig, left behind thanks to the police chase, will be there to protect Tara – or at least try to. But what about SAMCRO? How will they get out of being betrayed by their own? And when they eventually do, will the Belfast charter still exist? I couldn’t be more excited for next week’s episode.

I have to give major kudos to the character Margaret Murphy. I love this woman. She’s usually being a pain in the ass, but lately we’ve been seeing hints that she’s a pretty decent person, and her helping Tara out this episode confirmed that. She seems like the sort of woman that could, in another life, have been a ‘Gemma’, but instead of being matriarch to a motorcycle club, she found herself heading up a hospital. Sidenote: I really want to see her and Tig have a fling. She’s alterna-Gemma, he’s clearly in love with Gemma, it would be hilarious and so incredibly fitting.

Does anyone have a favorite prospect yet? Mine has to be Miles. His “What? Caffeine’s a mood boost” line made me laugh, and the bird handover was just priceless.

Does anything one else think Lyla was trying to break up with Opie? The women of Charming are definitely in interesting positions right now. Tara seeing Lyla slap Ima may induce a solidarity between the two women. Maybe Lyla will be the one to help Tara decide what to do about her pregnancy, and in turn, maybe Tara can help Lyla figure things out with Opie.

Whatever happens, I just hope we’re not about to lose another cast member. The body count keeps on rising in Sons of Anarchy and they may be about to go into battle with the Real IRA. Presumably Jax and Clay are safe, but after the departures of Half-Sack and Hale, I won’t assume that everyone comes out of Ireland unscathed.

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