ONE TREE HILL “Not Afraid” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Not Afraid"

ONE TREE HILL “Not Afraid” Season 8 Episode 6 – This week’s episode of One Tree Hill featured a fun Halloween dream sequence and also dealt with the fear that many of the characters are still dealing with as it relates to their future.

Quinn and Clay are trying to get back into the groove now that they are both home after the shootings. They have installed somewhat of a security system where they can monitor who is at the front door. It is unclear if this also shows them the perimeter of the house or not. Quinn decided they needed extra protection and obtained a gun which she has stored in the dresser. Does anyone else think that may not be the best place for it? Honestly, it wouldn’t have helped during her shooting. She was shot right inside the bedroom door when psycho Katie came through the sliding glass doors. She never would have had time to get the gun. Quinn doesn’t tell Clay about the gun as he seems to be doing so well and sleeping through the night. My guess is he is still on meds from the hospital. In any event, Clay soon realizes that all is not well with Quinn when she doesn’t want to pass out candy, irrationally thinks she sees Katie coming up the walk on the monitor, and after he finally stumbles upon the gun. He urges her to take a photo assignment in South Africa for a few weeks to clear her head. You know what else would clear her head? Living somewhere else.

Brooke is moping about life lost with her business and money gone when Julian’s mom, Sylvia, blows into town. After they get off to a shaky start, Brooke is eager to make friends with Sylvia who has already prejudged Brooke to be high maintenance and poor. Someone has been reading their celebirty magaizines. Brooke shares her wedding planning book with Sylvia who snubs all of her ideas while praising Julian’s. Sylvia then offers to pay for the entire wedding. Can anyone else see where this is going? Naturally, Sylvia will change everything including Brooke’s dress. Brooke would be better off declining the money and having a small get together in her house. You know things aren’t going to go well when your fiance’s mother dresses him up as a dalmation for Halloween to match her Cruella costume and he goes along with it. On another note, how hilarious was Julian’s high five?

Meanwhile Nathan is scared that he will never be really great at something again like he was at basketball. However, he has been enjoying the family time with Haley and Jamie, especially trick or treating. I have to say Jamie did make a pretty good Harry Potter. Also, that Chuck kid is obnoxious. I would have loved to see Haley run into his father in that creepy clown mask sometime that night. As for Nathan, I think he will be really great at being an agent. He brings a different perspective to it. He has the team and locker room mentality which typical agents, like Clay, do not have. He and Clay will be a great team. I loved when Nathan told that rookie “what if what your heart wants what your agents say no to.” Brilliant.

Other things happening in One Tree Hill include a misunderstanding between Mouth and Millie in their newly formed relationship that leads to Millie going home with another guy. “Girls don’t just give their pumpkins to anyone.” Chace and Mia seemed to be getting a bit closer at least to a friend level until she blurted out that she was happy Alex was gone. Finally, Haley has been getting regular phone calls from an Irish girl named Erin at the crisis center. They have forged a small relationship and Haley is shocked to find out that the singer at open mic night that rocked the house is Erin. I wonder if they will keep her around to fill out her back story. I want her around just for her music. .

What did you think of this week’s episode of One Tree Hill? I loved Haley’s pregnant cheerleader costume and when she said “I am me in high school.” I also loved Brooke’s tone when she said to Julian “What the hell are you wearing?” upon finding him at home in his get up. That Sylvia is going to stir up some trouble, that’s for sure. My favorite part had to be the opening montage where everyone is fighting zombies but arguing about whether they are vampires. Brooke was hot as a vampire slayer/zombie killer type girl. Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments below.

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