NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Vigilante” Review


NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Vigilante” Season 1 Episode 4 – The Powell family struggles to balance daily life with their powers in tonight’s NO ORDINARY FAMILY. The episode “No Ordinary Vigilante” shows that the family’s superpowers aren’t all fun and games. Having and using their powers have consequences.

Jim goes on late-night patrols in the park to catch a mugger, but comes across a vigilante with a propensity for killing. Stephanie finds a connection between the plant that she is studying and the cause of the family’s abilities. Meanwhile, Daphne uses her telepathic power to find the location of an invite-only party. JJ uses his superbrain to get on the football team.

The superpowers begin to have a negative impact on the Powells. Nobody is acting like themselves. Stephanie is distracted at work. Jim embraces his superpowers, thinking that they are his one chance to make a difference. But he has become rather obsessed with proving himself to the point that he puts work over family. Daphne and JJ are using their powers to improve their social standing, acting in a way they would not have acted prior to their powers. JJ should have confessed to his parents about his ability when he had the chance. Still I do love the fact that at first he seemed truly excited and interested about his newfound knowledge and that he had more self-esteem because of his “giant brain”. Then he comes to the realization (in the touching final scene of the episode) that his success isn’t a true success. In JJ’s defense, being accused of using drugs and pretending to have powers was a low blow on the part of his parents. And the math teacher Mr. Litchfield is a terrible and creepy teacher!

No Ordinary Family has thus far concentrated on the superpowers, their effects, and family dynamics. The show has been slow to develop the mystery storyline, offering quite literally one piece of the puzzle per episode. Each piece leads to death with Dr. King looming behind everything. While I still find the show amusing, I am eager for it to pick up its pace and add new elements.

What are your thoughts on episode 4 “No Ordinary Vigilante” of No Ordinary Family?